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Maintenance Free

Guarantee of long life

All our doors are made of superior long-lasting materials so that they retain their smart and attractive appearance for longer - that's less work for you to do to keep your windows looking clean and new.

Maintenance Free

We’re all looking to reduce the maintenance and upkeep of our homes and a West Midlands Double Glazing door can help you do just that.

Amongst the features of our doors are:

  • uPVC and aluminium doors never flake, rot, peel or rust, so they don’t require painting or sanding – just an occasional wash with soapy water is needed.
  • Our white uPVC entrance doors have a lifetime guarantee against discolouration and the material and colour finish of our aluminium doors are guaranteed for 25 years.
  • Our doors come with a host of guarantees against rot, discolouration and fungus plus a 10-year comprehensive guarantee on the whole window and a five -year guarantee for paint and stain finishes.
  • Our West Midlands Doubl eGlazing low-maintenance hardwood timber doors also come with a 30-year guarantee against rot and fungi.

So with a West Midlands Double Glazing door comes a guarantee of long life.

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