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Advanced glass technology

All our doors use advanced glass technology that helps reflect heat back into your home. This means that the sun’s heat that passes through your door cannot escape once inside your home.

Door Benefits - Warmer

Ensuring your family feel warm and cosy is going to an essential factor in your choice of door.

At West Midlands Double Glazing we’ve developed our doors to include all the latest energy saving features to ensure heat stays inside the house where it belongs.

Door features include:

  • Specially coated low-e glass as standard to reflect heat back into your home.
  • The use of 20mm argon gas in the gap between panes; Argon has a higher density than air so it is more effective in reducing heat loss.
  • High tech spacers to minimise heat lost through conduction.
  • Triple glazing which can improve energy efficiency by 35%.
  • Multiple draught-resistant seals in the door frames to help minimise heat loss when the door is closed.

So be rest assured that if you choose a West Midlands Double Glazing door you will be helping to save the environment as well as reducing your energy bills.

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