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Timber Doors

Create a authentic look

West Midlands Double Glazing Timber Doors are the perfect choice if you are live in a traditional property and want to retain an authentic look.

Timber Doors
10 Year Guarantee

Responsibly sourced, a West Midlands Double Glazing Timber Door is an elegant option for the traditional home

A Timber Door offers an authentic appearance for traditional properties. Providing strength, security along with natural warmth, it is no wonder timber remains one of the most popular choices of materials for doors.

The timber we use is a specially selected quality species sourced from carefully managed, renewable resources, ensuring a West Midlands Double Glazing door not only looks good it is good to the environment too.

All our timber doors come with a five year guarantee on the paint and stain finish, a 10 year guarantee on materials and workmanship and a 30 year guarantee against rot and fungi.

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