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Energy Efficiency

Making significant savings

All our windows are energy efficient as they are designed to keep the heat, whether it is from the sun or from your own heating system, inside your home.

Window Styles

Being energy efficient is not only good for the household budget, it also means you’re doing your bit to protect the environment.

Energy efficient features include:

  • Double glazing with an A rating could save you as much as £450 a year on your energy bills.
  • Triple-glazed options can improve energy efficiency by as much as 35% compared to double glazing.
  • Opt for A+ rating for West Midlands Double Glazing uPVC casement windows – a brand new concept in windows which enables more of the sun’s warmth into a property than they lose.

By investing in a West Midlands Double Glazing window you are not only saving yourself money, your also saving the environment too.

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