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Making your home quieter

Bringing you peace and quiet

Our double glazing is designed to be a perfect fit so you can enjoy the space of your home without unwanted noise from outside.

Window make you home quieter

Retreating from the noise of our 24/7 lives into the peace and tranquillity of a quiet home is a necessity.

At West Midlands Double Glazing we have developed windows that will keep your home as free as possible from noise pollution.

Window features include:

  • Simply choosing double glazing will make a significant difference in reducing noise
  • All windows are fitted with draught-resistant seals and gaps between panes filled with Argon gas which helps to keep any outside noise out.
  • Silent sealed units which offer double the glass thickness of a standard sealed unit can eliminate outside noise by up to 36 decibels.

So be rest assured that if you choose a West Midlands Double Glazing window you will have all the peace and quiet you need.

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