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All Window Benefits

High Quality Windows

Our Windows are the perfect way to complement your home and keep you safe and warm. Choose your new windows from West Midlands Double Glazing and enjoy a range of benefits.

Window Benefits

Window Security

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All our windows come with high security key locking systems with additional steel reinforcement, hinge-side security brackets and internal glazing beads. Our windows are also tested to ensure they meet British standards with many exceeding the requirements.

So with a West Midlands Double Glazing window you can have peace of mind that your home is protected.


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All our windows use advanced glass technology that helps reflect heat back into your home in every window and door we make. This means that the sun’s heat that passes through your window cannot escape once inside your home.

With a West Midlands Double Glazing window you can keep hold of the sun’s heat for longer and save money on your heating bills in the process.


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Our double glazing is designed to be a perfect fit so you can enjoy the space of your home without unwanted noise from outside. If noise pollution is an issue where you live, we can also install our Silent Glass which can further reduce outdoor noise by up to 36 decibels.

With a West Midlands Double Glazing window you can be assured of peace and quiet.

Maintenance Free

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All our windows are made of superior long-lasting materials so that they retain their smart and attractive appearance for longer meaning there is less work for you to do to keep your windows looking clean and new.

With a West Midlands Double Glazing windows all the hard work is done by us. You just have to sit back and enjoy the view!

Energy Efficiency

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All our windows are energy efficient as they are designed to keep the heat, whether it is from the sun or from your own heating system, inside your home.

Our uPVC windows come with the top A+ rating, our timber windows are an A-rating and all our casement windows are B-rated or above.

By investing in a West Midlands Double Glazing window you are not only saving yourself money, your also saving the environment too.

Increase Property Value

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Expertly fitted, energy efficient quality window installations not only enhance any property, making it a pleasure to live in, it will also add value to your property both in terms of making the right impression to prospective buyers and meeting modern building regulations.

Window Guarantees

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We’re so confident in our windows that we offer guarantees that many of our competitors simply cannot match. All of our windows are covered by a comprehensive 10 year guarantee, with more guarantees available including lifetime guarantees, depending on which window you choose.