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Tilt and Turn Windows

Why choose WMDG Tilt and Turn Windows?


West Midlands Double Glazing uPVC Tilt and Turn Windows offer superb open views, easy maintenance and amazing security. The windows are also extremely practical as their unique hinge mechanism allows the windows to be opened in two different ways.

They can be opened fully like casement windows but they can also be tilted from the bottom of the frame. This allows for a great deal of flexibility when it comes to the ventilation of your home as the windows don’t need to be fully opened in order to let air in.

You can simply open a window slightly via tilting and adjust the angle depending on how much ventilation is required at the time. A further hassle remover is that this technology will allow you to clean the exterior of upstairs windows from the comfort of the inside of your home. No ladder required!

Furthermore, the brilliant design provides protection if it suddenly starts to rain. The tilted angle means that rainwater won’t enter your home so no need to worry is there’s a sudden change in the elements!

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The benefits of WMDG Tilt and Turn windows

Great for child safety


Tilt and turn windows are brilliant for family homes with young children as you can still ventilate your house without worrying about your young ones falling out or trapping their fingers.

Ideal for smaller rooms with limited space


Sometimes, smaller rooms don’t allow for large windows to swing back in due to the layout. A common issue in bathrooms or toilets. However, with tilt and turn windows, a simple tilt will ventilate the room with ease!

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