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Frequently Asked Questions

Got a porch question?

Below are the answers to questions we are frequently asked, if there is something you would like to know which isn't listed below just get in touch, we'll be happy to talk through any of your concerns or questions.


Will I need Planning Permission for my Porch?

You do NOT need planning permission or building regulation approvals IF the front porch is less than 3m² in floor area and not within 2 metres of any boundary which fronts the highway.

A porch with a floor area bigger than 3m² will need to pass planning and building regulations. But we have the experience and expertise to guide you through the process.

Can you install a Porch onto my existing base?

If you already have an existing base we can install new wall frames, windows, doors and a roof as long as it is in good order.

We would not be able to alter an existing base in any way. Our consultants will be able to provide you with more detailed advice.

Would you remove and dispose of an old existing Porch?

Yes, we will remove an existing porch and base if necessary.

Do you take care of any electrical work for my Porch?

Yes we can assist with electrical sockets and switches for your Porch.

Remember to mention this to the consultant at your first appointment so they can incorporate this into the free no-obligation quote.