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Gutter Guard

Protection for your guttering

West Midlands Double Glazing Gutter Guard is important for keeping gutters and pipes free from any leaf blockage during the autumn and winter months.

Gutter Guard

Innovative protection for your guttering - Even with quality guttering in place, leaves, moss and debris can still get in and cause unwanted damage and blockages. But installing West Midlands Double Glazing’s innovative protection for your guttering will help to protect your home from the elements.

West Midlands Double Glazing’s gutter guard has been cleverly designed to handle extremely heavy rain, many times the maximum we get in the UK. The rounded edge allows the water to enter the gutter, but the West Midlands Double Glazing gutter guard cover stops any debris getting in at the same time. It will simply settle on the gutter guard and blow away in the wind.

Our gutter leaf guard is also slim and inconspicuous, keeping your roofline looking sleek and attractive for years to come, especially with a 20 year guarantee on materials and workmanship for ultimate peace of mind.

And because we always put your safety first, our gutter guard has been designed to prevent blockages and avoid the time consuming and potentially dangerous task of climbing ladders to clean your gutter.

If you book a FREE design consultation, we can explain what makes West Midlands Double Glazing roofline products better.