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Conservatory Decor Ideas: Furniture, Flooring & Lighting Ideas

Conservatory Decor Ideas: Furniture, Flooring & Lighting Ideas

Looking for the latest & greatest conservatory furniture ideas? Or, the best conservatory flooring and lighting options on the market? We’ve got you covered in our Ultimate Conservatory Interior Design Guide!

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If you’re looking for the most informative, all-encompassing guide on the internet when it comes to conservatory interior design, we’re pleased to tell you that your search is over! From quite literally the ground up, we will provide you with knowledge on colours, flooring, furniture materials,  sofas, tables & chairs, blinds, lighting, accessories and more! 

If you’re currently at the conception stage of your conservatory project and are thinking about adding an extension to your home, get in touch with the West Midlands Double Glazing team today! We have installed thousands of conservatories in Birmingham in every style imaginable. 

Whether you’re at the conception phase, have just built a new conservatory or are looking to update your existing decor, this guide will provide all of the information and inspiration you will ever need…

What Colour Should Your Conservatory Be? 

What Colour Should Your Conservatory Be?

A crucial element to any interior design project is the colour of the room. All colours bring with them different connotations and combination options, whether you opt for painted walls or wallpaper.

It’s a good idea to choose the primary colour and colour scheme of your conservatory first and foremost. Your cemented choice will then allow you to choose furniture, flooring and accessories more wisely. 

White Conservatories

What Colour Should Your Conservatory Be - White

White is a classic choice for a conservatory interior because of its neutrality. It can be matched with absolutely any other colour which comes in very handy when it comes to furnishing.

The colour helps create a very light and spacious feel but, we recommend combining white with different shades to avoid the room becoming too clinical in appearance.

A great way to get around this is to use cream for the colour of your furniture. You’ll avoid that medical look whilst still producing a bright, zen-inducing space. Light greys also work extremely well and yield similar results.

Cream Conservatories 

What Colour Should Your Conservatory Be - Cream

Speaking of the colour cream, it’s also a great option for a primary conservatory colour. The effect of cream is very similar to white but provides an added sense of warmth due to it’s softer shade being a little easier on the eyes.

In terms of furniture and accessory colours, other shades of cream are a good option as well as white, greys, brown, wood, reds and soft pinks.

Green Conservatories 

What Colour Should Your Conservatory Be - Green

For those looking for the perfect harmonious transition from outdoor to indoor, green conservatories provide a nature-like interior option. A seamless shift from your garden into your home.

The colour green is also well-known for it’s soothing qualities and makes for a very relaxing space. Green is becoming an ever-growing, popular colour choice for conservatory interiors. Wooden furniture compliments green walls extremely well as does darker greys.

Charcoal Conservatories

What Colour Should Your Conservatory Be - Charcoal

Charcoal has also become a very popular option in recent years, especially for new builds.

The colour suits larger conservatories better as charcoal and other dark tones can have a have a confining effect on smaller areas. Charcoal furnishings would compliment dark aluminium conservatory structures perfectly!

The colour brings with it a very sophisticated, modern feel so is an excellent option for homeowners looking to achieve a contemporary design. Charcoal interiors can be paired with light cream, white, gold and black furnishings.

Bolder Coloured Conservatories

What Colour Should Your Conservatory Be - Red

If you’re feeling especially daring, you may want to consider a more unique interior colour. Perhaps a vibrant red, a velvety purple/burgundy, a sky blue or an autumn yellow.

The great thing about out of the box colour choices is that there are no rules. Your creative flair can be let loose and you can mix & max tones and shades to your heart’s content until you find the perfect combinations.

However, due to bolder colour choices bringing with them a more striking impact, you will need to be somewhat wise with your creativity as you venture into more unchartered territory.

Too many different colours or the wrong accompanying/contrasting shade could create an overloaded or mismatched aesthetic. Make sure you think your colours through!

How Would You Like Your Conservatory To Be Used?

How your conservatory will be used will obviously have a big impact on the furnishing decisions you make. Are you planning on using your conservatory as a dining area, a relaxing sun room, a playroom or will it be a multi-purpose conservatory? 

If it’s a dining area, you’ll want to make sure that the furniture and flooring is easy to clean. For an R&R room, what kind of sofa arrangement would you like to maximise your relaxation? If it’s multi-purpose room, will you be able to fit all of the required furniture or will you require more innovative, ergonomic furniture options? 

Once you know exactly what the purpose of the room will be, more pieces of the interior design puzzle will be filled and the vision will become slightly clearer. It’s very beneficial to firmly decide upon the purpose of the room before even thinking about flooring and furniture options.

How Big is Your Conservatory Going to Be? 

How Big Is Your Conservatory Going To Be?

For smaller conservatories, you want to create the illusion of more space. That means using lighter colours for both the walls and the flooring as that will aid the illusionary effect. Otherwise, if darker colours are used, you can run the risk of the room feeling a tad claustrophobic. 

You also want to make sure that you don’t overload the space with furniture. In fact, compact, furniture such a expandable or convertible sofas, tables & chairs or furniture that is multi-functional is perfect for smaller conservatories as it makes them more ergonomic. 

Extra stools or seats that can be put away under tables and storage furniture will really help alleviate clutter and mess from your conservatory. We’ll elaborate on these items later in the blog. 

For larger conservatories, you need not worry about any illusionary effects. Although, it’s a good idea to still  operate on the “don’t overload with furniture” premise as in many cases, less is more.

Conservatory Flooring Ideas

Conservatory Flooring Ideas

Once the colour scheme of your conservatory and its use has been decided upon, next comes the flooring. Conservatory flooring is quite literally a foundational furnishing choice that you’ll have to make, upon which your furniture will sit. It’s important to not underestimate how much of a contribution flooring makes to your overall design so choose wisely!

Not only will you want your flooring to compliment the desired aesthetic of the room, but it also needs to be functional depending on the requirements of the room. Conservatory flooring will have to stand up to the intense sunlight in the summer months, the temperature & moisture changes in the room and a high rate of foot traffic. 

In conservatories, there is also a lot of transitioning from outdoors to indoors resulting in the transference of a lot of dirt and mud. With that in mind, the material of your flooring should be extremely easy to clean and resistant to staining or marks. 

In order to make the correct flooring choice, you’ll want to consider the following factors: 

  • What are the pros and cons of each conservatory flooring material?
  • What type of room will your conservatory be joined to?
  • Will your conservatory have a door leading into a garden?
  • What type of look are you going for?

The Pros & Cons of Each Conservatory Flooring Option 

Carpet Flooring

Conservatory Flooring Ideas - Carpet Flooring

Carpet will certainly provide a cosy feel to your conservatory and may be a preferable choice for the winter months as it will certainly keep the room warmer. Be that as it may, from a functional standpoint, carpets are not ideal for conservatories that receive a lot of sunlight.

Carpets are very susceptible to fade over time. Anyone who has ever moved a piece of furniture in a sunny, carpeted room will know how drastic the difference is between the covered and non-covered carpet. Imagine how dramatic the difference will be in a conservatory which is constantly bombarded with sunlight from varying angles.

Carpets are also susceptible to staining more than other materials. Therefore, it wouldn’t be a great choice for conservatories which are adjoined to a kitchen area or for those likely to have a lot of outdoor to indoor footfall resulting in a lot of mud and dirt making contact with the carpet. Cleaning carpet is a far more difficult task when compared to other materials. 

As a general rule, we tend to advise homeowners to avoid carpet flooring altogether for conservatories. However, a good compromise is to use carpet rugs for the winter months. During this time, outdoor to indoor transitions are minimised meaning the likelihood the rug will get dirty is decreased. When the warmer months come around, simply remove the rug and store it away until you need it again. 

Solid Wood or Engineered Wooden Flooring 

Conservatory Flooring Ideas - Solid Wood or Engineered Wooden Flooring

Both solid wood and engineered wood flooring will provide a classic look to your conservatory. However, both are susceptible to expanding and contracting due to the temperature and moisture changes found in a conservatory. This can lead to the flooring cracking and warping over time.

Under sunlight and over time, wooden flooring does bleach and a patchy floor is something that you would definitely want to avoid. If you really want that authentic real wood feel, we would only recommend using engineered wooden materials in conservatories that won’t be bombarded with sunlight.

Laminate Flooring 

Conservatory Flooring Ideas - Laminate

Laminate flooring is a fantastic all-rounder when it comes to conservatories. For those not in the know, laminate flooring is is a hybrid multi-layer floor comprised of pressed wood at the core and topped with a decorative layer to replicate stone or wooden flooring. Because the decor can be printed with any design, options are pretty much limitless!

Modern laminate options are also very resistant to UV rays and heat fluctuations meaning they are not as prone to the expansion and contraction issues faced by wooden flooring. They’re also water-resistant and very hardwearing, standing up well to spillages, footfall and pets. Another benefit it that the material isn’t cold to the touch like other flooring options.

Simply put, laminate flooring is a brilliant option for conservatories on both the design and functional fronts.

Vinyl Flooring 

Conservatory Flooring Ideas - Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is made from 100% synthetic materials meaning there’s absolutely no wood in the flooring whatsoever. As a result, it’s virtually resistant to expansion/contraction issues found in other materials. With it’s strong resistance to varying temperature and moisture changes, vinyl is certainly the safest bet for conservatory flooring.

Vinyl can still be damaged by UV rays but there are so many options that come with UV fade-resistant protection in 2020, so it’s not something you should be worried about. It’s also a very affordable option when compared relatively to other flooring choices. It looks fantastic and is cost-effective. What’s not to like!?

Tile Flooring

Conservatory Flooring Ideas - Tile Flooring

Tile is a traditional, beautiful & elegant option for conservatory flooring. They have no issues whatsoever with temperature and moisture changes and are the most UV-resistant option on the market.

Tile is also extremely durable and a quality installation can last for decades. Even if a tile does crack, the process of replacing one is a very simple and easy process.

However, the material can become hot to the touch when exposed to prolonged sunlight and they can be very cold to the touch when it comes to the winter months. So, to those who like to walk around their home bare-foot or in socks, there may be some issues here.

There’s also the potential slip factor when it comes to any spillages or any water brought in from the garden which is something to bare in mind for family homes. Other than that, it is a high quality conservatory flooring option.

Stone Flooring 

Conservatory Flooring Ideas - Stone Flooring

Stone brings with it an elegant, rich and sophisticated appearance. There are a wide range of designs options available as stone comes in a variety of natural colours and textures. The size of stone you choose can be very impactful and you could even use a range of different sizes to create a textured effect.

Not only does stone look amazing when done right, it will help keep your room cool in the warmer months as it doesn’t absorb heat. It can become quite cold in the cooler months though so bare this in mind!

Stone will require the least maintenance of any conservatory flooring material. It’s extremely strong, durable and resistant to the effects of conservatory climates that other materials are more susceptible to. Temperature and moisture changes have no effect on stone and cracks are a very rare occurrence.

A decade on, stone flooring will have the same appearance as when it was first fitted. However, it does come at a cost as stone is one of the more pricey conservatory floors on the market.

What Type of Room Will Your Conservatory Be Joined To And Will It Lead Into Your Garden?

It’s important to take into account any adjoining rooms from a both design and functional aspect. 

For example, if your conservatory extension is part of an open-plan setting coinciding with your kitchen, then you’d want to make sure that the flooring is spillage-resistant and easy to clean i.e. laminate, vinyl or tile. 

You’ll also want to make sure that the flooring choice of the conservatory compliments the overall open plan flooring design. Unless done tastefully, a mismatch in materials/designs in an open plan could look somewhat odd. 

If the conservatory is an add-on to your living room which is already carpeted and there will be minimal toing and froing from the garden, then carpet may be a suitable option…as long as your conservatory isn’t a sun trap so the carpet will be protected from quick fading. If there will be a lot of movement from the indoors to outdoors and vice versa, then another material may be required. 

Conservatory Flooring Design Trends in 2020 

Wood Effect Vinyl or Laminate Flooring

Conservatory Design Trends in 2020 - Wood Effect Laminate & Vinyl Flooring

Dark Stone Flooring

Conservatory Design Trends in 2020 - Dark Stone Flooring

Terracotta Tile Flooring

Conservatory Flooring Design Trends in 2020 - Terracotta Tile Flooring

Bright Large Floor Tiles

Conservatory Flooring Design Trends in 2020 - Bright Large Floor Tiles

Laminate or Vinyl Flooring With Borders  

Conservatory Flooring Design Trends in 2020 - Laminate or Vinyl Flooring With Borders

Alternating Tiles 

Conservatory Design Trends in 2020 - Alternating Tiles

For all of your conservatory flooring needs, our sister company West Midlands Home Improvements will be able to accommodate whatever your intended design and material may be!  

Conservatory Furniture Ideas

What Material Should Your Conservatory Furniture Be Made From? 

A conservatory provides the opportunity to furnish your home with unique decor and materials that aren’t found in other rooms of your house. Similar to flooring, conservatory furniture must also be adept at coping with temperature changes, exposure to almost-direct sunlight, humidity and moisture. Let’s run through the options…

Wicker & Rattan Conservatory Furniture

Conservatory Furniture Ideas - Wicker & Rattan Conservatory Furniture

One option that we suggest is rattan and wicker furniture which have become extremely popular in recent years. This is due to their visual appeal as well their ability to cope very well with the fluctuating temperatures of a conservatory environment. They’re also very versatile in a number of other ways: 

  • From an aesthetic point of view, their design suits both indoor and outdoor spaces and they work well in both rustic and contemporary rooms. A highly versatile material. 
  • They are relatively lightweight and can therefore be moved around easily. So, if you want to transfer seating into your garden when hosting a barbecue or to simply enjoy a summer’s evening, you can do. 
  • The furniture a made from a flexible palm-like material that’s woven to craft quality, durable furniture that lasts for years. 

Softwood & Hardwood Conservatory Furniture

Conservatory Furniture Ideas - Wicker & Rattan Conservatory Furniture - Softwood & Hardwood Furniture

Wooden furniture is an aesthetically appealing and a very cost-effective furniture option. Softwood and hardwood furniture usually comes in the form of a very rich red-brown colour which works as a great contrasting feature to many colour schemes. Mahogany is also widely used. 

However, the material is prone to distorting, warping and cracking under temperature variations. Hardwood is far tougher than softwood but will still require periodic maintenance (oiling) in order to keep in tip-top shape. 

Metal Conservatory Furniture 

Conservatory Furniture Ideas - Wicker & Rattan Conservatory Furniture - Metal Furniture

Metal is probably the most hardwearing material for conservatory furniture and brings with it a very chic, current image. This type of furniture material requires virtually no maintenance other than occasional cleaning and can last for decades. If metal furniture ever needed rejuvenating, a simple paint job can give the items a “just like new” appearance. 

Although metal furniture deals with temperature fluctuations very well from a structural standpoint, they can become very cold to the touch in colder weather conditions and painfully hot in the opposite, especially when under direct sunlight. 

Conservatory Sofa Ideas 

From simple two seater sofas to three seater or corner sofas, there is plenty of choice when it comes to conservatory seating. 

We recommend using light colours and upholstery to create a minimalistic space that will keep the visual focus is on the outdoors. Unless, you’re going for a specific look where you require your sofas to compliment a colour scheme, then the world of colour is your oyster. 

One material to avoid at all costs when it comes to conservatory sofas is dark leather. It becomes extremely hot when under direct sunlight and absorbs the heat from high temperature rooms.

We would also suggest keeping the sofa height low to add more visual height to the room and make sure that garden views aren’t blocked by furniture. 

Furthermore, its best to avoid is having a labyrinth or chairs, sofas and accessories cluttering your conservatory. A clear, unblocked path of movement through through the room and into your garden is an essential. 

Now, let’s see if any of these sofas inspire you…

Wicker & Rattan Conservatory Sofas

Conservatory Sofa Ideas - Wicker & Rattan Sofas

As you’ve probably gathered by now, rattan and wicker are purpose-built for conservatories and sofas made from the material are no different. They come in all shapes and sizes and their padded cushions make for very comfortable furniture.

If you’re thinking that a rattan sofa is the right choice for your conservatory decor, be sure to visit FeatureDECO for their comprehensive range of rattan offerings! 

Fabric Sofas

Conservatory Sofa Ideas - Fabric Sofas

When planning out an interior design project, it’s easy to place design before function. Above all else, you want your furniture to be as comfortable as can be so, when the project is completed and you actually start using your conservatory, you will do so in complete luxury.

Although the cushioning on wicker and rattan furniture is a very comfortable option, there’s nothing quite like sinking into a fabric sofa. 

If opting for fabric, we recommend fabric furniture made from lighter cottons and linens which cope with fluctuating temperatures and sunlight very well.

That way, you can enjoy the comfort and aesthetic quality of your fabric sofa for many years to come!

If you’re looking for quality fabric sofas in Birmingham of the highest craftsmanship, there’s no better place to go than Cookes Furniture! Browse their fantastic range today to find the perfect sofa for your conservatory. 

Accent Chairs

Conservatory Sofa Ideas - Accent Chairs

Many sofas can be bought with accompanying chairs as part of a set but, you may want to break the mould with an accent chair. This is where you use a chair for more than just it’s function.

An accent chair acts as an additional element of visual interest for your interior decor and is usually a different colour from your sofa that compliments other aspects of your interior design e.g. the wall colour, blinds or accessories.

When used correctly, accent chairs can be very easy on the eyes. If you’re looking for a funky chair to add a striking look to your conservatory, Atlantic Shopping have an incredible range to choose from!

Throws & Cushions

Conservatory Sofa Ideas - Throws & Cushions

Throws and cushions are another great way to compliment the intended colour schemes of your conservatory and will help the room look very cosy.

For some of the most unique cushion deigns on the market, visit Cousins today! They have an extensive range of brilliant cushion & throw designs in any colour you’d desire.

Conservatory Table Ideas

Along with your sofas, you’ll likely want an accompanying table, coffee table or dining table depending on your requirements of the room… 

Coffee Tables 

Conservatory Table Ideas - Coffee Tables

When it comes to coffee tables, there are two things to really consider. What is your preferred table height? And how large a table do you require? 

A safe bet is buying a table as part of furniture set. However, the set tables aren’t always perfectly suited to your needs, so don’t be afraid to explore around to find a table that cuts the mustard. 

If you’re in the need for a unique coffee of table that’s ergonomic, head over to CJC Furniture and have a gander at the range of tables made from different materials! 

 Conservatory Dining Table and Chairs Sets

Conservatory Table Ideas - Dining Tables & Chairs

If your conservatory is going to serve as a dining room, the table and chairs is likely to serve as a centrepiece of the interior layout. With that in mind, you really want to make sure that you have an impactful set that sets the tone for the overall design you’re trying to achieve. 

For smaller conservatories, a bistro style table with a couple of chairs will create a quaint space to enjoy your meals. Alternatively, if more seating is required, a square table with four accompanying chairs a great option whilst still being compact. 

If you have a larger conservatory and are looking for something grander, you can’t go too wrong with a Rattan dining set which could work fantastically with an accompanying sofa on one side of the table. Those kinds of sets can serve as multi-purpose areas for relaxing or dining…very practical. 

Perhaps you’re looking for large round or rectangular table for an al fresco style dining room? Dining sets of this type are typically made from wood or for a contemporary look, a glass table would work brilliantly. 

Glass dining or coffee tables will also make the room appear larger due to the materials being transparent and will compliment the glazed conservatory roofs perfectly. 

If you’re in need of a dining table and chair set of the highest quality, visit Holloways Home and Garden Furniture today and check our their brilliant range! 

Conservatory Blinds 

As much as we all love natural light and garden views, glare can sometimes be a bit of a nuisance which is where blinds come in. Blinds are practical, easy to install and provide a very contemporary feel to conservatories.

They come in a great deal of varieties and virtually every shade of the colour spectrum meaning the design possibilities are limitless! They also serve as aids when it comes to regulating the temperature of your conservatory, particulate during the summer months. Well worth an investment! 

Roller Blinds

First up are roller blinds which can be printed plainly or with patterns…

Conservatory Blinds - Roller Blinds

Roman Blinds

Roman blinds provide a very cosy feel to any conservatory as well as a unique style…

Conservatory Blinds - Roman Blinds

Vertical Blinds

If you’re conservatory has large floor-to-ceiling windows, vertical blinds are a great way to cover sizeable glass panels…

Conservatory Blinds - Vertical Blinds

Faux Wood Blinds

The wood effect of these blinds is beautiful whichever shade you choose. They come with the added benefit of being moisture resistant and unlike real wood, it won’t be affected by the sun…

Conservatory Blinds - Faux Wood Blinds

Roof Blinds

If you have a large glass roof in your conservatory, clever motorised roof blinds are a convenient way are a great solution…

Conservatory Blinds - Roof Blinds

If you’re in need for made-to-measure blinds in any of the aforementioned varieties, Terry’s Fabrics will be able to provide you what the exact style and colour you desire! 

Conservatory Lighting Ideas

We’ve worked our way up to the very top of the conservatory structure! When the sun goes down, artificial lighting will be required for you to make the most of your conservatory at all hours. Before deciding on lighting types, there are a few factors to consider. 

Firstly, you need to think about your conservatory position. A south facing conservatory will have natural light flow through its windows from sunrise until sunset. Whereas, a north facing conservatory will mean that your garden will be in the shade for the majority of the day. 

Artificial lighting is a bigger requirement for the latter as you won’t be able to rely on natural light as much for the majority fo the time. 

The type of glass used in your conservatory windows and roofs will also have an impact on how much light enters the structure. It’s worth having a chat with our team to see what windows are currently fitted to your conservatory or what type of windows you’re planning on having! 

Finally, what is the roof shape of your conservatory? If your rood is in a regular format, then a ceiling mounted lighting option is viable. Whilst, for more irregular roof designs, you may be restricted to wall lighting or freestanding options which are still very effective artificial light producers. 

Ceiling Pendent or Chandelier Lighting

Conservatory Lighting Ideas - Pendant & Chandelier Lighting

Ceiling lighting is the first option that springs to mind when it comes to lighting any room and for good reason. Pendents or chandeliers are a wide reaching central light source that will illuminate all corners of a conservatory whilst proving a touch of elegance and lavishness. They look particularly good when hung above a dining table or centrally placed in living areas and come in all shapes & sizes.

However, if you have a clear, glazed ceiling and enjoy gazing at the stars above, this type of lighting will potentially obstruct your view depending on placement and size. 

Pendents and chandeliers also require a a solid area of ceiling to be attached to meaning they’ll be unsuitable for many glazed roofs.

Wall Lights

Conservatory Lighting Ideas - Wall Lighting

Wall lights create a warm, illuminating ambience to a conservatory. They come in an array of modern and rustic styles and can be used to highlight specific features of your conservatory to great effect. There’s also the additional benefits of zero obstructions on upward views and wall lights don’t take up any additional floorspace. 

Similar to ceiling lighting, wall lights require a solid portion of wall to be fitted onto; they can’t be fixed onto glazing. They also emit a relatively low amount light compared to other options so they may not be a great primary light source for larger conservatories.

Floor & Table Lamps

Conservatory Lighting Ideas - Floor & Table Lamps

Jody Stewart

Lamps create a very cosy atmosphere in a conservatory and if strategically placed, they can create as much illumination as any other lighting option. 

They also serve as great reading lights as lamps provide a concentrated light source. In fact, many floor lamps now come with an adjustable reading light. 

Not to mention that this type of lighting is incredibly easy to install. Simply plug in the lamp and light up your conservatory! 

Integrated Spotlights

Conservatory Lighting - Integrated Spotlight

Spotlights are very aesthetically pleasing and great space savers as they can be incorporated into ceilings. However, spotlights tend to have a narrow stream of light so they may need to be paired with other lighting options to ensure your conservatory is well-lit in all areas.

Recessed Wall Lights

Conservatory Lighting Ideas - Recessed Wall Lighting

Wall lights provide a very contemporary and stylish look to conservatories. Placing them strategically will not only add light to the room but place emphasis on particular parts of your conservatory that you’d wish to elaborately showcase.

Wire Lighting

Conservatory Lighting Ideas - Wire Lighting

Wire lighting is where you place a number of lights attached to a wire hanging from the ceiling. Similar to spotlights, they allow you to accentuate elements of your interior design but with the added benefit of wire lights is being adjustable. They are a great option for conservatories with uneven ceilings or glazed roofs.

LED Strips

Conservatory Lighting Ideas - LED Strip Lighting

LED lights are a modern lighting option which offer a lot of customisability. Strips can be placed on roofs, ceilings, skirting boards, under shelves. You name it! Many LED fittings offer dim and bright settings so the ambience of your conservatory can be adjusted at the flick of a switch.

Light-Fan Combination

Conservatory Lighting Ideas - Light-Fan Combination

Offering dual functionality, a light-fan combination will illuminate your conservatory and help air & regulate the temperature of the room. They come in very hand on hot summer days and reduces clutter as a floor fan won’t be required…

To see a huge range of stunning, high quality lighting options, head over to i-lite today. They have so many variations and designs to choose from! 

Conservatory Accessory Ideas 

There are absolutely no bounds when it comes to conservatory accessories. Homeowners can use the most obscure objects and ornaments when it comes to putting the final touches on their interior furnishings but here are a few classic accessorising options…

Conservatory Plants

Conservatory Accessory Ideas - Plants

Chris Warren & Marston and Langinger

A brilliant way to ease the transition between your home and your garden is through greenery. Some well-placed plant life adds to the aesthetic as well as the ambience. 

Smaller plants can be placed on tables, shelves or mantles whilst larger, taller plants can be placed in the corners of the room. Hanging plants can also be used to great effect too! 

Just be careful when selecting your indoor plants as the harsh sunlight and the unique climate of a conservatory may not suit all. 

If you’re looking for conservatory plants in Birmingham, head over the the Ashwood Plant Nursery & Garden Centre website to see their wonderful range of greenery.

Conservatory Shelving or Bookcases

Conservatory Accessory Ideas - Shelving & Bookcases

Conservatory shelving or bookcases may appear old school but they both come in a variety of quirky designs. Whether you’re looking for a modernistic or ye olde aesthetic, these accessories can suit either design goal. They can be use to house any number of items,

Visit The Range to see a fantastic range…I mean selection of decorative and practical shelving products! They have some truly innovative options to choose from. 


Conservatory Accessories - Artwork

For any conservatories that have partial solid walls amongst the glazing, wall art is a great option especially if you can find pieces that compliment your colour scheme. Use framed art for a more rustic aesthetic and canvas art for a contemporary look.

Looking for a truly unique piece of art for you conservatory wall? Look no further than Castle Fine Art for stunning pieces that you won’t find anywhere else in Birmingham! 

Conservatory Storage Furniture 

Conservatory Accessory Ideas - Storage Furniture

To avoid unnecessary clutter in an ergonomic and stylish manner, utilise multifunctional accessory furniture. A lot of conservatory furniture and accessories come with hidden storage spaces which will allow you to keep general bits and bobs tidy. Ottomans and foot stools are great options.

For all of your ergonomic conservatory storage needs, head over to Leekes to see their great range of foot stools and pouffes! 

And That Was the Ultimate Conservatory Interior Design Guide for 2020…

Well, five thousand words later we truly hope that this guide has aided your conservatory interior design goals in some way, shape or form. 

Whether you had an initial interior design plan and this guide has reassured you that you were making the correct choices, found a better alternatives or were inspired to do something completely different from the original plan, we’re glad to have done our part! 

If you have absolutely any query regarding conservatories whether it be on construction or interior design, feel free to contact the West Midlands Double Glazing team today and we will be more than happy to assist you.

Have fun transforming your conservatory into your dream interior!