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Timeless elegance combined with the sleek, sharp lines of the four-sided pitched roof help give our Edwardian conservatories a glamorous quality.

The minimalistic flat-walled Edwardian style is the most uncomplicated conservatory design and yields the most floorspace for you to utilise. The sleek lines mean more glass can be fitted into the design which creates the additional benefit of more natural light being able to shine into your home.

Many of our clients have used their new Edwardian conservatory as a lounge, playroom or even a new dining room. This is due to the designs yielding the maximum amount of space creation meaning furniture and room amenities can be fitted into the room with ease. There are endless renovating options for you to choose from!

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The benefits of WMDG Edwardian conservatories

 Different from victorian styles


Edwardian architecture ushered in an era of lightness, open space as well as subdued lines and ornamentation. A very different outlook to the victorian styles that came before it where the designs were laden with decorative elements. It’s a very good alternative depending on whether you’re a fan of minimalism or more lavish decorative elements.

 Maximise Space


Not only do Edwardian conservatories maximise space, they also maximise the illusion of spaced due to the pitched glass roof adding more light to the room. The symmetry of the designs also add to the illusionary effect as rectangular shape allows for a noticeably more airy feel.

The more glass the better


For Edwardian conservatories, the more glass you can incorporate the better! Energy efficient glass will brighten up the room and help retain heat so the space can be used all year round. This type of glass uses gas trapped between the panes to prevent heat from escaping. Handy right?

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