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 Why Choose WMDG Bargeboards?


Protect all important roof timbers and keep your roof lining looking smooth with West Midlands Double Glazing’s Bargeboards. Bargeboards are a strong ornamental board located at the gable end of the roof that is designed to protect and conceal the roof timbers of your home.

Our bargeboards will keep your roof lining dry, with a smooth consistent appearance leaving no unattractive gaps or holes. We use a solid board, up to 25mm thick, for increased durability, and stainless steel pins and nails with polymer caps to ensure that no rust stains appear.

Our bargeboards are available in a choice of five stylish colours – white, mahogany, golden oak, rosewood and ebony – to suit all styles of home from traditional to modern. Even our pin-heads are colour-matched, making them nigh on invisible from the ground.

It would be worth checking to see that all your other roofline products are in good working order. Book a FREE design consultation and talk through the benefits of all West Midlands Double Glazing’s roofline products!

The benefits of WMDG Bargeboards?

Weather Resistance


As they are placed in a very exposed location, bargeboards have to endure the best and worst of British weather and they are built to do so. Whether it be torrential rain or high temperatures under the blazing sun, WMDG’s range of bargeboards continuously fend off the negative effects of all weather types. They also work as fantastic home insulators too.

High Quality


Many older houses contain wooden bargeboards which don’t stand the test of the time. Over time, wood can suffer from issues such as rotting, twisting and require regular painting in order to maintain its appearance. If issues are left untreated, it can lead to other problems such as brickwork damage, leaking guttering and water ingress. Our bargeboards are comprised of modern state of the art materials so you won’t have to worry about any of that!

Range of design options


As stated above, WMDG’s range of bargeboards come in a range of colours and styles, It may be worth having a chat to one of our expert designers who can assist you in pursuing the home aesthetic you’re trying to achieve!

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