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Created to bespoke specifications, the West Midlands Double Glazing traditional and elegant orangeries are a stylish addition to any home. WMDG’s orangeries combine classical elegance and craftsmanship with the benefits derived from modern materials and building techniques.

For those not in the know, the difference between a conservatory and an orangery is that a conservatory is predominantly glazed whilst an orangery is partially glazed. Conservatories usually have all glass roofs whilst orangeries have a roof with a solid perimeter and a glazed area in the middle. Hope that clears that up!

Orangeries have become a staple in British contemporary home design. Originally, orangeries functioned similarly to greenhouses to support the growth of plants but centuries later, they are now being used as designs in extended living spaces. Orangeries can either attach to the rear of your house or serve as a separate free-standing structure in your garden. The choice is yours!

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The benefits of WMDG Orangeries

 Unrivalled Customisation


One of the many appealing factors of orangeries is that they have a high level of customisability; especially when it comes to the interior. Brickwork, solid walls and a solid ceiling lead to numerous opportunities for paint, wallpapering and other interior design features. An orangery can represent your personality more than many traditional conservatories every could.

 Economical Benefit


With the help of double or triple glazing, the savings you make on your heating bills will be substantial throughout the year. The structure of an orangery is designed to retain heat once absorbed via natural sunlight or when acquired through central heating systems. Also, with access to doors and many windows, it will help cool your house very quickly too!

Massive Space Increase


With an orangery, your downstairs space will completely open up providing you with immense amounts of new room to play with. These areas will also be bathed in natural light which can give the illusion of even more space!

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