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Protect your rafters from the elements with West Midlands Double Glazing’s stylish, strong and durable Fascias. Alongside the bargeboard, fascias are the most visible feature of any of the roofline range. WMDG fascias hide and protect the ends of your roof rafters, giving your roof an attractive perspective.

They are installed with a special ventilation system to protect your roof and walls from water, and a bird comb to keep birds out of your rafters. We use the strongest and most durable materials in our fascias to prevent bows or splits appearing in your roofline, and giving your rafters long lasting protection.

Prior to installation we’ll inspect your rafters for signs of fungus, wood rot or other weather damage and fully repair them as necessary. We can also replace damaged bargeboards or other roofline products at the same time.

West Midlands Double Glazing fascias also have a unique stylish curve or rounded bullnose shape at the bottom of the board, which helps to match them to our uPVC casement windows.

There are a range of colours to choose form which match our entire roofline range and the style of your home, and all fascias come with guarantees on materials, craftsmanship and discolouration.

The benefits of WMDG Fascia’s?

Fascias help in the winter


During the winter months when temperatures become bitterly cold, it is beneficial to provide your home with appropriate armour. Fascias are designed to conceal the ventilation for your loft and keep moisture away acting as a form of roof insulation. They act as the first line of defence against wind, rain and snow and work hand in hand with multiple glazed windows to retain heat.

Adds to Aesthetics


If your roof guttering system hasn’t been looked after properly, it can significantly depreciate the aesthetic beauty of your home. By upgrading your fascias, you’ll notice a massive impact on the overall appearance of your home as well as making your home much more energy efficient.

Relatively Low Maintenance


Providing that your fascias are durable (which ours certainly are), they require surprisingly little maintenance after installation has been completed. All they need is an occasional clean with a damp cloth but apart from that, the products will last for years to come!

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