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Why Choose WMDG Guttering?


Protect your property from water damage by installing West Midlands Double Glazing guttering to collect the rainwater draining off your roof. Blocked or leaking gutters can cause serious damage to your property over time and can be expensive to repair if allowed to deteriorate.

West Midlands Double Glazing uPVC guttering is long-lasting, low maintenance and will protect your property from even the heaviest weather. Made from high quality uPVC, our guttering is designed to catch rainwater from your roof and divert it away from your roofline. We fit secure and durable seals to prevent leaks, and fix brackets to ensure water flows evenly into the drainpipe with no danger of overflowing.

Our uPVC guttering is available in a range of designs and colours including black, white or brown and an attractive cast-iron effect which is more affordable than many traditional cast iron gutters, but offers an equal level of quality.

Whilst you’re replacing your guttering it would be worth checking to see that all your other roofline products, such as gutter guards, are in good working order. Book a FREE design consultation and talk through the benefits of all West Midlands Double Glazing’s roofline products.

The benefits of WMDG Guttering?

Strength with uPVC


uPVC is very strong. As they are made from plastic-like material, our guttering has no seams and needs no paint meaning less chance of corrosion over time. There is also far less chance of dents or blemishes!

 uPVC is flexible


As a very flexible material compared to others on the market, uPVC doesn’t easily lose it’s shape. Metal materials for instance, can tend to distort when a considerable amount of pressure is applied leading to more bending, twisting and denting.

Less Costly


uPVC are one of the most cost-effective materials on the market. They are also more convenient to install so less man power or tools or required which cuts down costs considerably.

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