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Downpipes are vital for protecting the foundations of your home by ensuring rain water drains away safely. Any water that comes into contact with your roof should be channeled away through well thought-out piping solutions.

West Midlands Double Glazing have downpipes to suit all types of property including cast-iron effect piping for the traditional home. Meanwhile, our contemporary offerings come in a range of colours including black, brown or white.

Whilst you’re replacing downpipes it would be worth checking to see that all your other roofline products, such as guttering and barge boards, are in good working order.
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The benefits of WMDG Downpipes

Lightweight & Cost-Effective


Modern cladding is very lightweight which has a number of knock-on benefits. The lower weight makes the materials very easy to transport. In turn, this makes installation of the piping much easier and fewer workers or machines are required as a result. All of these perks reduce labour costs, increases installation speed and the savings are passed on to you!

They come in extended lengths


Downpipes are available in extended lengths. Longer pipes mean there will be fewer connectors and joints to the structure which significantly reduce the risk of any leaks occurring. Modern piping is known for it’s durability, long lifespans and impressive sustainability.

 Less Friction, More Resistance


uPVC drainpipes have a very smooth internal surface. The allows water to effortlessly glide along the pipes with minimal friction or build up of slime. Efficiency of the water flow is also improved as the water pressure is reduced. The risk of flooding is therefore minimised and maintenance requirements are also reduced. Further benefits of uPVC downpipes is that they are both fire and chemical resistant as well.

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