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French Doors

Why choose WMDG French doors?


Originating in the 17th century, french doors are timeless classic that bring a chic, continental feel to any home. We at WMDG offer a range of materials, styles and colours that will undoubtedly compliment your home perfectly.

Although they are a classic, our french doors have been updated so they include the latest and greatest industry innovations. Thermally efficient designs, advanced frame materials and high performance security features provides the perfect mix of tradition and modernisation.

Having french doors provides such a charming, elegant way to enter into your garden. Our brilliant team can assist you on which material and style would be best for you home. With countless years of experience and fantastic knowledge on the benefits of each, you’ll definitely want to have a consultation before making a final decision. Get in touch today!

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The benefits of WMDG French doors

How do french doors work?


French doors work by having one door as the “master door.” This door will be the one which you always open first and the opposing door will need to be locked onto it when in a closed state. The secondary door can either be left closed or opened up simultaneously with the master door. It’s entirely up to you!

Side panels on my french doors


Some french door designs come with side panels which look very elegant. If there is enough space in the designated door location in your home, you can request these side panels and we will take that into account during our consultation.

High performance security


WMDG french doors come with a high performance multi-point locking system. There are shoot bolts at the top and bottom of each door securing them to the outer frame. There are also hooks and rollers that lock the double french doors together when closed.

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