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Why choose WMDG Aluminium doors?


Aluminium doors have become the go-to option for any new house or contemporary property. Architects and designers alike have become adopters of aluminium due to the very sleek black or subtle charcoal frames that help create incredibly stylish interiors and exteriors.

Aluminium is super strong by nature which means large panes of glass can be fitted into a very slim frame. This maximises the the glass to frame ratio meaning more visibility of the exterior surroundings and more natural light able to illuminate your home.

Aluminium doors (as well as windows) are among the most thermally efficient materials on the market. uPVC and wooden materials can expand or contract as temperatures change whilst aluminium is comparatively very stable. Not to mention, they’re also corrosion resistant are are cheaper than timber products. Modern, stylish and very practical!

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The benefits of WMDG Aluminium doors

100% Recyclability


Another great aspect of aluminium products is that every single piece can be recycled and the quality of repurposed aluminium is just as good as the original. This allows for aluminium products to be continuously recycled again and again. A great statistic is that 75% of all aluminium ever produced is still in use today. For those conscious about their impact on the environment, an aluminium door would be the perfect product for you.

Slim but strong


Despite having the ability to be crafted into slim door frames, aluminium is an incredibly strong and sturdy material. For any chemistry aficionado’s out there, aluminium is the second most malleable metal and the sixth most ductile. All of WMDG’s aluminium doors are also fitted with the latest in door security technology including multi-point locking systems.

Aesthetic advantages


Unlike uPVC and wooden doors, there are zero unsightly wielded joints and aluminium doesn’t need to be repainted every few years either. There are also countless colours and finishes to choose from leading to endless design possibilities!

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