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Gable End Porches

 Why Choose WMDG Gable-End Porches?


Gable-End porches feature elegant brickwork on the the lower half of the porch whereas the upper half consist of windows. With the right design in mind, these front porches will add a touch of class to any home.

Our Gable-End porch designs provide you with more privacy due to these styles containing more brickwork compared to other alternatives. Whilst at the same time, you will still be able to receive natural light through the many windows so the space won’t feel too enclosed.

Not only are these porches very easy on the eye, they have additional benefits in terms of practicality and security. They add an extra layer of weather protection but also an additional door in the way of any would-be intruders trying to break into your home. Aesthetics and practicality!

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The benefits of WMDG Gable-End Porches

Increase in space


Every household needs somewhere to place their coats and footwear. Many use hallways for this, but that leads to a lot of unnecessary clutter that could be avoided with a Gable-End porch. With an additional entrance space to your property, your hallway will be cleared of clutter and appear more spacious!

Thermal Retention Improvement


If your front door leads straight into your hallway or living room, there is an increased risk of heat escaping from your home. This leads to a colder home and a more expensive energy bill! In order to avoid this, a porch will help retain heat meaning you won’t have to use as much central heating. Keep your home warmer during the winter months and, when summertime comes around, the natural light will flood into the porch and heat your home naturally.

 Security Doubled


Porches serve as a secondary barrier between those in your home and intruders. When a potential intruder views your home, they will see two layers of door security that they will have to get through and be immediately deterred by this. Two layered security is more time-consuming to break through than one!

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