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A glass conservatory roof is an incredibly popular choice for homeowners across the UK and it’s easy to see why. A glass roof maximises the amount of natural light able to flood into your conservatory and allows for lovely views of your garden & the outdoors. They allow you to truly appreciate blue summer skies or star-studded nights from the inside of your home.

Glass is a very versatile roofing option as it can be made to look very contemporary or traditional. It all depends on the stylings you choose. At West midlands Double Glazing, we offer a comprehensive range of conservatory shapes & styling options. Whatever you have in mind, we’ll undoubtedly have you covered!

Thermal efficiency is one of the major benefits when it comes to having a glass roof conservatory. The latest advances in glazing technology has yielded solar control glass. When the sun is  shining, the glass allows for fewer solar rays to pass through the panes keeping your conservatory at a cool temperature. Whereas, in the winter, the glass’ high level of thermal efficiency means the room will heat up much more quickly.

A great statistic is that glass absorbs 50% more noise than any polycarbonate products so if you live somewhere were noise levels are a concern, a glass roof is a great choice to reduce those decibels! Finally, our glass roofs are specially treated and come with self-cleaning properties. If any dirt gets stuck to the glass, the sun’s rays will break it down into small particles that are washed away by rainfall. Very handy for those who want to avoid an extra cleaning chore!

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Tinted Windows For Glare-Prevention


If you’re planning on using your conservatory as a work office or entertainment room, you may be concerned about glare on TVs or computer screens. Fear not. Tinted glass keeps glare to an absolute minimum so your productivity and Netflix binge watching will be unaffected.

A Glass Conservatory Roof is Long-Lasting


A glass conservatory roof can last for up to 20 years! In fact, it can endure even longer if kept clean and maintained properly. Seeing as glass is a very cost-effective roofing option, you’ll definitely be getting your money’s worth!

The Best of Both Worlds


As previously stated, glass can provide both a contemporary or traditional feel. When done right, it can even provide a combination of both creating a beautifully neutral aesthetic space. Glass is and forever will be a timeless class choice of material.

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