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Composite Doors

Why choose WMDG Composite doors?


Composite doors are an ideal choice if you are seeking the look and feel of timber with strength that’s built to last. They are an ideal replacement for existing timber doors, especially in traditional styled homes!

For those not in the know, composite doors are made from a variety of different materials which are specifically selected for certain unique properties. This overcomes the common flaws of doors which are composed of only a single material. The blend of materials ensures strength, security, durability and a lot more variety when it comes to designs.

The core of composite doors are typically wood with a steel-clad frame which are then layered with eco-friendly insulating materials. The blend of such materials will provide very effective weather resistance and sturdiness amongst a whole host of other benefits which you can read about lower down on this page…

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The benefits of WMDG Composite doors

Wooden-looking doors without the downsides


Many composite doors come with a woodgrain effect meaning they look just like traditional wooden doors but come with all of the contemporary benefits. Timber doors are also rather expensive, can warp & twist over time and need ample maintenance for aesthetics to endure. Composite doors suffer from none of the aforementioned issues!

Extremely energy efficient


Compared to wooden doors, composite doors have been proven to retain 10x more heat than traditional wooden doors. This is due the insulating materials around their wooden cores and their improved structural composition as a whole. Reducing the heat wastage in your home will have a tremendous long term effect when it comes to saving on your energy bills.

Countless styles and colours


There are a lot of design restrictions when it comes to wooden or uPVC doors bit with composites, that is far from the case! The huge variety of designs and colours available means you’ll be able to express your unique home style with ease!

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