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Simple, modern and virtually-maintenance-free, uPVC Conservatories can be built in a traditional white or a variety of wood grain finishes to suit your home. uPVC conservatories are also extremely versatile from a design point of view and will suit both a modern home or a traditional period house!

uPVC or unplasticised polyvinyl chloride has become one fo the most popular materials for conservatory construction in the UK. This is due to it’s low cost and impressive durability. It is far cheaper than metal or timber alternatives and has a surprisingly high level of design customisability.

Despite the low price point of uPVC, the material has fantastic insulating properties and in terms of cleaning, all you’ll have to do is occasionally wipe it with a cloth. No varnish or painting is required on a regular basis which saves you a lot of hassle!

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The benefits of WMDG uPVC conservatories

Protection against the elements


uPVC materials stand up very well against the elements and the aesthetic or structural damage they can cause to your conservatory. Wooden conservatories require regular upkeep as it can be harshly affected by the weather whereas you won’t have to worry about that with uPVC.

 Choice in abundance


Because uPVC is such a popular material at the moment, there are an abundance of options. So many manufacturers and suppliers exist today which provide an enormous amount of choice when it comes to design and pricing options.

 Strong and eco-friendly


Modern uPVC materials are stronger, lighter and more durable than ever. In efforts to be more environmentally conscious, there are now many energy saving features built into the materials as standard. Namely, thermal efficiency and being comprised of recycled materials.

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