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Swing and Slide Doors

Why choose WMDG Swing and Slide doors?


An innovative new concept in patio decor, swing and slide doors combine elegance with efficiency. They are tremendously easy to operate. Each panel moves independently and folds away cleanly, providing unobstructed doorway access and more living space is created both inside and outside of the home.

The doors work by fitting a “master door” on either the left or right side of the entire frame which is hinged like a traditional french door. The other doors can slide along a magnetised track until they reach the master door, where they then can be swung outwards alongside each other.

The beauty of this system is that panels barely intrude on either your interior living space or your patio space. The only time the system will ever have to is when the panels reach their resting position by the master door and even then, this is far more ergonomic than any bi-folding system on the market.

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The benefits of WMDG Swing and Slide doors

Ultimate flexibility


This is the only door system that allows you to situate panels in any position you’d like. You can even place furniture right up against the windows themselves as they will never impact on the open or closing cycles of the system. Adjustments can be made depending on the weather changes or your requirements at the time, and the doors can effectively be used as a partition wall if necessary. The flexibility of the system is truly remarkable and certainly the best advancement in door technology in decades!

Simple to operate


With so many customisation options, it’s hard to believe just how easy the swing and slide doors are to operate. The magnaline slide technology allows for the various door panels to smoothly slide into positions with ease. It takes just seconds to completely change the door layout meaning you can alter on a whim. The doors can even be positioned in a very handy ventilation arrangement where there are small gaps in between each panel; this provides an optimal layout for air circulation.

Minimal visible hardware


If you’re a fan of unobstructed views of the outdoors, then this is certainly the system for you. As you’ve probably seen in our gallery, WMDG’s swing and slide doors are predominantly glass, meaning you’ll be able to appreciate the visuals of the outdoors as well as provide your home with substantially more natural light than what you’d get with alternative door options.

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