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Why choose WMDG uPVC doors?


The clean, simple look of a West Midlands Double Glazing uPVC door will suit all styles of properties, bringing warmth, security and a whole host of other benefits to your home!

uPVC windows quickly became the most popular choice of door in the UK. So much so that you barely see a traditional wooden door when driving down British streets these days. Why is that?

Well, uPVC doors have a core of galvanised steel which is wrapped in an unplasticised polyvinyl chloride which makes for a very durable material. Compared to traditional wooden doors, uPVC doors are far more effective at reducing noise pollution, are much energy efficient and are not impacted by the weather. They also require virtually no maintenance and are far more secure than their wooden counterparts.

Now that uPVC has become the norm, there are now plentiful amounts of design and style options to choose from. The extensive range of uPVC doors at WMDG will suit any requirements and any budget so get in touch today!

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The benefits of WMDG uPVC doors

Virtually zero maintenance


Traditional wooden doors can fade, discolour and generally suffer significantly more wear and tear than uPVC doors. Older doors therefore require ongoing maintenance in order to ensure aesthetics and function remain. uPVC doors on the other hand, only a require a quick wipe with a cloth every now and then.

Bad weather, no problem


Older doors can be severely affected by the weather. They don’t react well to sharp increases or decreases in temperature, they are susceptible to damp and are notorious for letting heat escape. Not with uPVC doors. They suffer from none of the above!

Less noise, more security


There is a staggering difference between the amount of noise a uPVC door can reduce compared to their older wooden counterparts. If you live on a busy road with lots of cars and frequent passers-by, a more modern door is a must! uPVC doors are also far more secure due to the material they’re made from and they come with far superior locking systems.

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