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For a modern property, lean-to conservatories have a straightforward, no nonsense contemporary feel with simple clean lines. The West Midlands Double Glazing lean-to conservatory remains a popular choice for many homeowners, offering a cost-effective, stylish and simple solution to creating more space within your home.

For those not in the know, lean-to conservatories are those which are often seen with rectangular flooring and come with a single angled sloping roof. The sloped roof make it easier for rain water to trickle down to the ground and the construction can be comprised almost entirely of glazing or with some brickwork.

This style of conservatory is clean, contemporary and minimalistic meaning the designs will seem like a natural extension for any type of home. Lean to conservatories are often referred to as Mediterranean conservatories as they capture sunlight very effectively. A great feature for both the summer and winter months!

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The benefits of WMDG Lean-To Conservatories

 Bring the Mediterranean to you


Due to the lean-to conservatories being so effective at trapping heat, it is like they are bringing a mediterranean climate to your home. These spaces are not only great for socialising, but can also be used as sunrooms or garden rooms.

Great for bungalows


For homes that have structures which would be particularly awkward to install a conservatory in such as terraced houses or bungalows, a lean-to design may be the answer! The angled roof in these designs can vary meaning a more shallow angle can be adopted to fit under a bungalow roof or can be adjusted to the height of a terrace.

Enjoy your conservatory in the winter


During the colder months, lean-to conservatories can absorb the winter sun extremely well. Year-round you’ll be able to use the space. So, you can feel confident to utilise the room however you wish whether you want to turn the conservatory into a greenhouse, dining room, playroom or lounge!

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