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 Why Choose WMDG Soffits?


Keep your roof looking clean and tidy with West Midlands Double Glazing Soffits by maintaining the under-surface of the overhang of your roof. Soffits play a key role in protecting your home from the elements. Designed to bridge the gap between your home’s siding and roof edge, they protect the underside of the roof overhang.

Both durable and made-to-measure, our BBA approved uPVC soffits are designed to provide long lasting protection for the underside of your roof’s overhang meaning there is no need for repainting every year. If you need to replace your soffits, you may need to consider new drainpipes too. Let our consultants do an appraisal of your roofline to see whether any other areas need replacing.

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The benefits of WMDG Soffits

Cheaper & Last Longer


While offering a cheaper alternative option compared to other materials, uPVC soffits are durable, have a longer lifespan and are for hassle-free compared to materials like timber; regular maintenance and upkeep will be required with that material.

Better Than Wooden Soffits


Wooden soffits, if not properly maintained, can become a significant risk to your property’s overall structural integrity. They are fastened to the wall just below the roofline meaning if they are damaged, they can become an easy point of water penetration. Wooden soffits will need to be repainted regularly and are susceptible to rot, splitting and other degradation.

Better Than Cast Iron


Cast Iron, if maintained correctly, can last decades if not centuries! Although that sounds great, there is a downside…cost. Cast iron materials are much higher in price at the product level but also at the installation level. They are much more complicated to fit compared to uPVC and their weight means that more manpower is required. They are also susceptible to rust and temperature changes can cause the material to crack.

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