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    If you want quality products and a service you can trust, contact West Midlands Double Glazing today to get your customized quotation. Call us on 0121 532 0784 for a friendly chat or use our form to request a call back.

    Frequently Asked Questions



    How much does double glazing cost?

    We offer a bespoke service so just as every home varies so will the cost of made-to measure windows. The price will depend on the material you select and the size of the windows you need.

    The beauty of a bespoke window is that it will be perfect match for the space. Unlike standard size off-the-shelf windows, there is no need for additional fillers and packing materials that allow precious heat to escape. So a bespoke window from West Midlands Double Glazing will save you money in the long-term by saving on your fuel costs.

    What does double glazing do?

    Double glazing is like enclosing your windows in a duvet, trapping in the warm air to make you extra cosy.

    At West Midlands Double Glazing we’ve developed our windows with all the latest energy saving features to ensure heat stays inside the house where it belongs. This helps to reduce your heating bills as well as protecting the environment. All our windows come with a BRFC energy-related label – a simple scale which will tell you how energy efficient your windows are.

    Double glazed windows can also have a significant impact on reducing noise pollution.

    How does double glazing work? How does double glazing prevent heat loss?

    Our double glazing prevents heat escaping by using two panes of glass filling the gap with argon gas, which minimizes the heat lost through heat transfer. We also add a low-e coating to all of our inner panes to reflect heat back into the home.

    West Midlands Double Glazing double glazed windows are fitted with ‘warm edge spacer bars’ which are made from a less-conductive material than conventional aluminium spacer bars.

    What is secondary glazing?

    Secondary glazing is when you add another single pane of glass on the inside of your existing window to create a double glazed unit.

    Our secondary glazing units are made-to-measure so they will fit perfectly into the existing window frame excluding draughts you may be experiencing with your old windows.

    This is an ideal solution for homeowners who don’t want to replace their windows or may be unable to install double glazing for conservation reasons.

    What is low-e glass?

    All our windows and doors come with low-e glass as standard. It’s a soft coating that’s applied to the inner pane of glass within the sealed unit. It enables heat from outside to pass through into your home, but stops heat from inside escaping outdoors.

    What is condensation?

    Condensation is the moisture that occurs when warm moist air comes into contact with cooler air, or a cold surface, which is at a lower temperature.

    If you currently have double glazing and condensation is appearing between the panes this is a warning sign. It may mean that the seal has become damaged and is no longer working properly. As a result, the argon gas that minimises heat loss will have escaped meaning your window is no longer performing as efficiently as it should. It may be time for you to replace your double glazing.

    How long does double glazing last?

    As with everything this will depend on how well you take care of it. We’ll provide you with a maintenance pack that will tell you exactly how to care for your new products.

    When you choose a West Midlands Double Glazing window, you can be rest assured that our work comes with a 100% 10 year free guarantee covering materials and workmanship together with an unlimited number of callouts.

    We are also registered with FENSA and GGFI ensuring all our products and services meet industry standard and beyond.

    How to install double glazing

    We strongly recommend you use a professional installer to fit double glazing.

    We pride ourselves in the supply and fit of the highest quality products and services, along with exemplary customer service and excellent workmanship.

    Our installers will make sure that each window fits perfectly to keep your home, quiet, cosy, safe and secure.


    Are your doors FSC certified? What is FSC?

    Doors that are FSC (Forest Certified Council) certified guarantees that the forest the timber came from is harvested sustainably – the trees are are replaced or allowed to regenerate naturally.

    All our timber doors are FSC certified.

    What wood are West Midlands Double Glazing timber products made from?

    Our wooden doors are sourced from renewable resources and are guaranteed against wood rot and fungi for thirty years.

    We use different types of wood for different products and we may change the types of wood depending on availability and price.

    What types of wooden doors are available?

    We offer offer high quality wooden doors in a variety of styles and colours, tailor made to your requirements.

    Every door can be further individualised by choosing from a range of colours for the handles, letterboxes and hinges. We also offer additional security features such as spy holes and security chains.

    What are the colour options (coloured and stained) for timber products?

    We offer timber doors in white, cream or grey paint, oak, walnut teak or mahogany stain.

    Our hardwood doors are also available in red, blue and green paint finishes.

    Can I repaint my timber doors?

    If you want to repaint your doors you should consult our care and maintenance guidelines, which specify the type of paint or stain that you should use.

    If you use a different type of paint or stain your guarantee may become invalid. Please contact us for further advice should you decide to repaint your door.

    Are West Midlands Double Glazing products fireproof?

    In our range we do have a fire door which is tested to the relevant fire regulations for installing in flats and apartments.

    Does West Midlands Double Glazing sell sliding doors?

    Yes. Our uPVC or aluminium patio doors feature sliding glass panels.

    We offer sliding doors in a range of styles, including a choice of six different wood-grain finishes.

    Does West Midlands Double Glazing sell internal doors?

    At this time West Midlands Double Glazing does not sell internal doors.

    Are the doors wide enough for a wheelchair to go through

    Our doors are made to measure so we aim to design a door to meet your needs.

    The width of your door we can provide will depend on the width of the opening we’re fitting it to. We cannot alter the width of the existing opening. Please ask one of your consultants about this when they come to visit.

    We can also provide a lower threshold with certain models, to improve access access for wheelchair users. Please discuss our accessibility options with our consultant at your appointment.

    If you have any questions on the glass we use in West Midlands Double Glazing doors visit our windows FAQs or make an appointment for a free, no obligation home visit to raise any further questions.


    What are the colour options for conservatories and Orangeries?

    West Midlands Double Glazing uPVC conservatories are available in gloss white or in a mahogany, golden oak, rosewood , white, cream or black woodgrain effect.

    West Midlands Double Glazing timber conservatories are treated with either three coats of micro-porous paint or two coats of natural stain which allows the timber to breath and provides a fully finished product.

    We also offer a choice of many colours and five standard natural wood finishes (Mahogany, Teak, Walnut, Light Oak and Antique Oak). Other standard RAL options are available at an additional surcharge.

    Aluminium conservatories and glass extensions are available in six colours (White, Black, Mocha Brown, Dove Grey, Magnolia and Charcoal).

    Our consultants will be able to show you the colour options and talk you through the materials that might be best suited to the overall style of your house.

    What wood is used in timber Conservatories or Orangeries?

    West Midlands Double Glazing Conservatories are made from from hardwoods which include PEFC certified Idigbo and FSC & PEFC certified Laminated Red Cedar.

    All the hardwood used conforms to BS1186 class 1 and is naturally resistant to wood rot and fungal attack. The natural oils present in the timber also make it resistant to moisture penetration.

    Our consultants will talk you through your various timber options and their benefits when you make an appointment for a free, no-obligation home visit.

    Does West Midlands Doubl eGlazing use FSC or PEFC certified timber?

    Our hardwood timber comes from carefully managed sources and is fully PEFC certified.

    The Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) is the world’s largest forest certification organisation. PEFC is an international non-profit, non-governmental organisation dedicated to promoting Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) through independent third-party certification.

    The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is also a well known international, non-governmental organisation dedicated to promoting responsible management of the world’s forests. FSC UK is a registered charity and is supported by NGOs including WWF, Greenpeace and the Woodland Trust. Timber used in West Midlands Doubl eGlazing Conservatories includes some FSC Laminated Red Cedar.

    What is an Orangery?

    Popular in the 18th and 19th centuries an Orangery, as the name suggests, was a place for the cultivation of oranges, lemons and other exotic plants.

    A West Midlands Double Glazing orangery offers period features such as pilasters and decorative fascias combined with the latest energy saving and security features to create a living space that is both useful and elegant. West Midlands Double Glazing Orangeries are available in hardwood or uPVC.

    How long will it take to complete my Conservatory?

    It is not possible to give exact timescales as every one of our conservatory is bespoke. Timing will depend on the design you opt for.

    If your design requires Planning permission this can take up to eight weeks and if Building Regulations are required this could be another four weeks. However we’ll take all of the hassle and stress out of the planning and building process so all you need to do is think about decoration and furnishings.

    Do you install conservatories on commercial premises?

    West Midlands Double Glazing only install conservatories on domestic properties.

    What guarantees do you offer?

    A new conservatory is a significant investment for any home, and that’s why West Midlands Double Glazing conservatories are built to last and come with a set of long-term guarantees to ensure that you keep getting the best from your purchase for years to come.

    Can I use my conservatory all year round?

    West Midlands Double Glazing uses the latest state-of-the-art technology , to ensure that your conservatory remains warm, quiet and secure whatever the weather.

    How safe will my conservatory be?

    We use the highest specification toughened glass in our conservatories along with the latest security features in locks for your added security.

    Are there any restrictions for my proposed Conservatory design?

    Any limits on size and design will usually depend on your chosen style of conservatory and the size of your property, together with any restrictions determined by planning permission and building control.

    How much will my conservatory cost?

    As all our conservatories are tailored to your detailed requirements we are unable to provide standardised costs on this website.

    Our consultants will visit you, discuss in detail your vision, take measurements and comeback to you with a free no-obligation quote.

    Are you members of the GGFi, Conservatory Association or FENSA?

    West Midlands Double Glazing are members of GGFi which means we are required to protect consumers deposits, to raise standards in the industry for both product and installation processes and offer independent arbitration through the GGF should the need arise.

    In addition West Midlands Double Glazing are members of FENSA. FENSA stands for Fenestration Self Assessment Scheme and is the leading body providing homeowner protection in the double glazing industry. FENSA ensures that installations comply with the Building Regulations for England and Wales and, although most conservatories are exempt from Building Regulations, you can be ensured that the quality of the installation will meet Building Control and FENSA requirements.

    Do we need planning permission?

    Some conservatories will require planning permission from your local council. This depends upon several factors including the size of the conservatory, the classification of your property type and how the conservatory will be integrated into the house.

    West Midlands Double Glazing will, where possible take care of any planning requirements for you, contacting your local authority, preparing and submitting plans, and managing the application through to a determination, whilst always keeping you well informed of the progress at every stage.

    West Midlands Double Glazing submits each planning application, where feasible, through the governments Planning Portal Website to reduce lead time AND provide a better service for each application.

    What is the difference between Planning and Building Regulations?

    Planning Permission and Building Regulations are often confused. Both are the responsibility of the Local Authority.

    Planning Permission deals with the aesthetic effect of a new extension on the surrounding homes and neighbourhood, whilst Building Regulations defines how the conservatory must be constructed in regards to structural stability and thermal efficiency.

    Most Conservatories are currently exempt from Building Regulations but West Midlands Double Glazing will assist in determining what applications are required and will deal with any planning and building requirements for you, whilst always keeping you well informed at every stage.

    As every West Midlands Double Glazing conservatory is constructed within Building Regulation guidelines you can be rest assured that even if a Building Control application is not required your conservatory is built to last.