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Lean-To Porches

Why Choose WMDG Lean-To Porches?


Lean-to porches are an effective way of extending the frontage of your home into what will be very useful additional space. They can also be crafted into an attractive and welcoming exterior feature adding a sense of uniqueness to your property.

Lean-to porches can work as a front entrance to a home as well as a side entrance; it all depends on your personal preference or whether you’d like multiple entry points to your property. Whatever the case may be, we at WMDG have you covered.

Our expert team can provide advice based on the space available at your home and what you desire from an aesthetic point of view. We can advice on materials, design and any customised features that would help your house stand out on your road!

If you have any questions or queries regarding our lean-to porches, get in touch with us today! Either give us a call or fill out a contact form on the bottom of this page!

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The benefits of WMDG Lean-To Porches

Improve the exterior of your home


A well thought out porch design can undoubtedly improve the aesthetics of a home. A beautifully crafted porch will become a focal point of the front of a house so getting it right is important in order to increase kerbside appeal.

 Extra Security


In the unlikely event that someone tries to break into your home, that individual will have a harder time trying to do so. They would have to successfully break through two entrances as opposed to one which may even deter them in the first place.

Clean & Organised Entrance


A porch doesn’t have to be just a pretty face with a beautiful exterior. The inside space can be utilised very effectively. It is an ideal place to keep clothes such as shoes and coats, and it will encourage guests to take their shoes off before entering into the main areas of your home if there is already a place for them to leave their footwear. This avoids any unnecessary dirt entering the main rooms in your home.

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