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Edwardian Porches

 Why Choose WMDG Edwardian Porches?


Edwardian porches offer a very elegant, sleek and versatile porch solution. During the Edwardian era, lavishly styled porches were associated with more affluent households but flash forward a couple of centuries, they are now a common feature in homes across the British isles!

Edwardian houses were generally built with a porch either set into the house or protruding outwards adjacent to the bay window. They can vary in size greatly so it really depends on the kind of porch you’re looking for. Whatever the case may be, we at WMDG have you covered.

Having constructed porches across Birmingham, the West Midlands and beyond for decades, our team can provide expert advice based on the space available at your property and what you envision as the dream stylings for your porch.

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Gallery of New Edwardian Porches

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The benefits of WMDG Edwardian Porches

 A nice compliment to your home


When chosen correctly, a porch will not only provide a lovely accompaniment to your home’s exterior but will also serve as a practical space which will be handy for all members of your household.

Enhanced by glazing


Generally speaking the Edwardian porch frames tend to be rather minimalistic with very little in the way of ornate designs. This is because homeowners tend to showcase lavishness in the form of an elaborate accompanying windows. Some of the images in our gallery above will show you exactly what we mean!

 Energy Efficiency


Through the combination of highly thermally efficient windows and doors, WMDG’s Edwardian porch frames are designed to trap pockets of warm air. This mean heat loss from your home will be reduced significantly which will have a fantastic knock-on effect when it comes to your monthly energy bills.

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