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Conservatory Too Hot In The Summer? Here’s What You Need To Do To Cool It Down

Conservatory Too Hot In The Summer? Here’s What You Need To Do To Cool It Down

If your conservatory is too hot in the summer, use our 8 tips to ensure that you can enjoy your conservatory to the fullest in the coming months!

Conservatory Too Hot In The Summer? Here’s What You Need To Do To Cool It Down

Is your Conservatory too hot in the summer? With the warmer months drawing closer, we thought it’d be a useful idea to address this common issue with our tried & tested tricks of the trade!

The temperature in conservatories can become so warm that it makes it difficult to enjoy them to the fullest. Not ideal when you most likely envisioned using your conservatory most between June and August. 

When our customers make use of our FREE consultation, this is probably the most frequent problem we hear about . It’s often the case that a replacement conservatory or conservatory roof is the solution. If you feel that this may be true for you or you want an expert opinion to advise you, get in touch with the West Midlands Double Glazing team today! 

If you live in the Birmingham or Midlands area, we are the conservatory company near you who has an unrivalled reputation, customer service and one of the only companies in the region offering 0% finance on all conservatory options. Spread the cost of a replacement conservatory, new glazing or a replacement conservatory roof with small monthly payments instead of one lump sum! 

Back to the blog…there are actually several things you can try in an effort to keep your conservatory cooler when the sun shines bright. 

Conservatory Blinds

Conservatory Blinds - How To Cool Down Your Conservatory In The Summer

Blinds are a fantastic option for many reasons. First and foremost, they help lower the temperature of your conservatory considerably by blocking sunlight from entering through the windows. In the winter months, blinds can be used as an insulator to help keep heat from escaping too. Whether it be in the summer or winter months, blinds are a very practical conservatory solution.

There’s also the aesthetic benefit that comes with conservatory blinds. As they can come in all manner of different colours, you can create a very chic interior design, by having your blinds compliment the furniture and accessories of the room. It can completely transform the look of the space! 

Add A Cooling Film To Your Glazing

Cooling Film For Glazing

For those not in the know, cooling film is an adhesive layer that can be added to glass. What it does is reflect around 80% of the sun’s rays away from the conservatory interior. That includes heat as well as UV light too. It also helps protect both your skin and furniture & furnishings from the damaging effects of the sun.

The film is also a rather inexpensive solution to try, with many 50mm rolls costing around £10 each. You can even apply the film yourself if you’re partial to a bit of DIY. However, for conservatories on the taller side, we recommend hiring a professional to do the job! 

Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning

Although this is one of the more expensive solutions, it’s worth noting nonetheless due to it’s effectiveness. Air conditioning undoubtedly works and the price of units range from a few hundred pounds to the thousands. 

If making an investment like this, you may want to opt for an air conditioning system with a dual function. You’ll then be able to keep the conservatory cool in the summer months and warmer in the winter months. Another very practical albeit expensive solution. 

Light Furniture & Furnishings

Light Furniture & Furnishings

You may be thinking that this is a somewhat odd suggestion, but hear us out! The rules of the colour spectrum never lie. Darker colours absorb more heat and lighter colours absorb less. 

Opt for white or lighter colours on the conservatory walls, soft fabrics and above all else, avoid leather completely! The material becomes as hot as a furnace under the sun. There are also far more environmentally friendly materials to choose from!

Open The Doors & Bring The Fan Out

Open The Doors & Bring The Fan Out

Sometimes the old ways can be very effective. Open the floodgates of circulation by opening your conservatory windows and doors. Then, assist the air flow further by bringing the good old fan out from the loft. 

If your conservatory has already been built, you may want to ask yourself if your conservatory roof could hold a traditional conservatory fan? Often these types of fans are combined with lighting elements. 

Replace Your Conservatory Glazing

Replace Your Conservatory Glazing

If you haven’t got ‘A’ rated energy efficient glass in your conservatory roof or windows, this could be a game changer. 

The energy efficient glazing has very low U-values (which is how we measure how easily heat can pass through glass) and delivers fantastic thermal control as a result. 

Solar Reflective Glass

Solar Reflective Glass

Glazing provides far more temperature control, especially when you choose solar reflective glass. Think of this type of glazing as a pair of sunglasses for your conservatory, as it can reflect up to 80% of the sun’s rays! 

There’s also heat-reflecting windows which also offer UV protection. One of the inner surface panes is usually coated with a very thin protective layer made from metal or metallic oxide. 

The innovative technology not only helps with temperature control, but also prevents damage to your skin and extends the lifespan of your soft furniture and furnishings by preventing them from fading under sunlight. 

Replace Your Conservatory Roof 

Replace Your Conservatory Roof

If you’ve made use of all prior tips and are still struggling to battle the heat in your conservatory, it may be time to replace your conservatory roof. 

Polycarbonate roofs in particular do not possess the greatest sun-blocking powers as the non-porous material absorbs and retain the sun’s heat. In yesteryear, polycarbonate sheeting was all the rage due to it’s cost effectiveness and use in budget conservatories. However, they shouldn’t really be chosen if you wish to enjoy your conservatory all year round. 

Modern conservatory roofs boast much greater thermal efficiency which help keep the living space cool during the summer and warm during the winter. Tiled Roof Conservatories, Solid Roof Conservatories & Guardian Roof systems all provide excellent thermal efficiency. 

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If you need some advice on how to keep your conservatory cooler in the summer, if you need to replace your glazing or whether your require a conservatory roof replacement, get in touch with our brilliant team at WMDG today!