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How to choose the best double glazing company

How to choose the best double glazing company

Finding the best double glazing company to work with doesn’t have to be a difficult process! Here are our top tips to help you pick reliable company for your glazing needs.

How to choose the best double glazing company

Making sure you choose the best double glazing company possible in your area or region is important for many reasons. Firstly, you want to ensure that the glazing installation will be carried out to the highest of standards so you can reap the numerous benefits of modern glazing for years to come. 

Secondly, you want the process to be easy. That requires the company you work with to be open, honest and be in regular communication with you. In fact, a company which over-communicates is always better than one that doesn’t get in touch on a regular basis. 

By now, you’ve most likely conducted few a searches on Google and have found countless companies to choose from. Here’s how you whittle down the options…

Reputation, Reviews & Longevity

Reputation, Reviews & Longevity

Reputation is extremely important. Luckily, there are now many digital locations where you can read countless reviews and testimonials about double glazing companies. 

Most companies will have a Google My Business page which is always a good starting point. If you simply type in the name of the business you’re looking to research into Google, you’ll normally see their Google listing immediately. Here you’ll see an overall review score between 0 to 5 stars, and you can delve into the individual reviews themselves for a more thorough investigation. 

There are also websites purely dedicated to showcasing business reviews such as Trust Pilot or Feefo. These are open, online review platforms where any customer who has had experience in buying a product or service from a company can leave reviews. A company can also invite their customers to leave reviews too. 

Delving into these testimonials and reviews will help build a picture of the overall reputation of a company, and are valuable resources when deciding which double glazing company to move forward with. 

Another useful indicator of a quality double glazing company is time. A company which has been in businesses for many years is always a good sign of experience and expertise, no matter what the industry may be. 

Social Proof 

In the digital age, most companies have a social media presence. Double glazing companies often use their social platforms to showcase their completed works to instil trust in those looking to acquire their services…this is known as social proof. 

Social proof is a fantastic way to assess the quality of a company as it is proof in the pudding that they can do what they say they can, and complete installations to a high standard. 

Often, you can see countless images of completed projects on the Facebook and Instagram accounts of double glazing companies, which is also a great way to seek inspiration for your own home improvements. 

Furthermore, if a company is really on the ball with their social media, you may be lucky enough to find video testimonials of completed projects which will illustrate completed works at various angles (there’s no hiding anything on video compared to with pictures), and perhaps even an interview or testimonial with a customer. 

The fact that a customer would be happy to do a video testimonial is a good indicator that they were very pleased with the work which was completed, adding to the trustworthiness of a company. 



Always ensure that the double glazing company you choose is a FENSA registered company, as an unqualified window installer can lead to all kinds of problems. 

FENSA is a government-authorised scheme that monitors building regulations compliance for window and door replacements. Their aim is to protect homeowners by showcasing professional window installers through their accreditation. 

Seeing a FENSA certificate on a company’s website is an assurance that your new windows will comply with all legal regulation requirements, and it will also mean that your installation has been registered with your local council which can save you time as well as cost. 

If you wish the company you’re enquiring with to back up any verbal claims that they have the accreditation, you can ask them to provide documentary evidence. A FENSA approved company means that they have been inspected and vetted to meet modern glazing standards and competencies, and will provide you with greater peace of mind.



An additional level of reassurance for homeowners is if a window installer holds public liability insurance. In the unlikely event that your property is damaged as a result of a window installation, you will be covered. 

You should be able to see evidence of insurance on a company’s website. A popular insurer for double glazers is the GGFi which has now been rebranded to Installsure. They are a specialist insurance provider to the UK glass and glazing industry created by the Glass & Glazing Federation in 2005. 

If you see these logos on a company’s website, it is an added reassurance but as always, ask for documentation. 

High Quality Products

High Quality Products

Sadly, some double glazing companies will try and cut corners to trim costs as much as possible, at the detriment of the finished product. Sometimes in places you won’t be able to see such as sealant used around the window frame. 

Poor material quality can cause new window installations to start to fail far more quickly than they should. As a result, unnecessary and costly repairs & maintenance may be required.

To ensure that your double glazing will last for many years to come, choose a company which not only provides top quality work, but also use high grade materials! 

10-Year Guarantee

10 Year Guarantee

Any double glazing company worth their salt will provide a guarantee on any works done. The industry standard is 10 years but what guarantees cover specifically can vary. So, always best to ask about the exact inclusions before you go ahead and start a project. 

In the event of any issues, guarantees ensure that the company is committed to putting them right as part of the service. 

Another tip is to always find out the expected lifetime of each product that you’re looking at having fitted as part of your project. It’s useful to know this information in order to make more well-informed purchasing decisions! 

Security Options

Window Security Options

Modern double glazed window designs include a variety of security options to prevent criminal intrusion.

We recommend that you quiz your potential double glazing companies about the security features of their windows. Ensure that the products they intend to use meet the official security standards set by the British Standards Institute. 

The glazing products should possess the latest high quality profiles and locking mechanisms to aid home security. Make sure you again check any accreditations via documentation. 

Are You Building A Conservatory Or Orangery? 

Are You Building A Conservatory Or Orangery?

When it comes to conservatories or orangeries, it’s always best to choose a company that can complete the full build. Choosing different companies for different parts of the project can bring about logistical and communication issues…and it just isn’t worth the hassle. 

Free Quotes & Site Consultations 

Free Quotes & Site Consultations

Any reputable double glazing company will want to inspect the location of the works before setting you a final price. This will allow the company to accurately measure up the required installation and correctly plan out the amount of work that needs doing. 

Always Attain & Compare Multiple Quotes

We recommend that you obtain at least three quotes from different window companies. That way you can get a feel for the various companies in terms of knowledge and trust. You will also have three different prices to compare. 

Competitive pricing on your windows is important. However, you should not compromise on product quality or service in order to get the cheapest price. As the famous saying goes “buy cheap, pay twice”. Pricing should always be taken into consideration but do not focus solely on it.

Also, to avoid absolutely any miscommunication, we advise getting an itemised quote in writing. This will ensure that everyone is on the same page and you’ll have a confirmed breakdown of everything in the quote. 

Choose A Local Double Glazing Company

Choose A Local Double Glazing Company

When choosing an established double glazing company in your local area, you are more likely to get a more personal, bespoke service. You’ll also be dealing with the same individuals from project inception to completion. As opposed to communicating  with multiple employees at call centres with companies that operate nationwide. 

Furthermore, local companies will have a much better understanding of the local requirements and be able to source and transport materials at a lower cost, cutting down down on both time and cost for you. National companies are likely charge more. 

Smaller companies also don’t to have the same marketing budget as national ones, meaning they have to rely on reputation and word of mouth to attract customers. If these companies have been around for multiple years, this is an added quality assurance. 

Choose West Midlands Double Glazing 

Choose West Midlands Double Glazing

If you are looking for the best double glazing company in Birmingham & the West Midlands, look no further than West Midlands Double Glazing. We have…

  • built up a fantastic reputation in the region
  • been in business for over 20 years
  • so many reviews for you to peruse through on our Google My Business Page
  • a plethora of photos and video content for you to browse through on our Facebook & Instagram pages as social proof of our amazing work
  • FENSA certification
  • public liability insurance
  • Only ever used the highest quality products in all of our installations (in fact we source it from our very own builders merchant)
  • a 10 year guarantee on our entire product range
  • the latest security options in all of our glazing
  • a wealth of experience in completing full build conservatory and orangery projects
  • always provided FREE site consultations and quotes
  • always been able to provide competitive pricing which doesn’t compromise on quality

As you can see, we tick all of the boxes which is why we firmly believe that we are the best double glazing company within the region! 

We are also one of the only companies in the West Midlands to provide 0% finance options on all of our double glazing products. Whether it be windows, doors, porches, conservatories, orangeries or garden rooms. 

Get in touch with our brilliant team today for a FREE consultation, and start the easiest process to acquiring new double glazing that you will ever experience!