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How To Keep A Conservatory Warm During Winter?

How To Keep A Conservatory Warm During Winter?

Read through our 8 tips on how to keep your conservatory warm in winter, so you can stay nice and cosy as temperatures begin to drop….

How To Keep A Conservatory Warm During Winter?

Winter is drawing near and many homeowners will soon be facing the battle of how to make a conservatory warmer during the chillier months. 

For those of us who live here in the UK, a conservatory can become somewhat of a white elephant in the latter quarter of the year. A living space which you dare not tread into without footwear due to the ice cold embrace which you expect to feel on your toes (depending on what flooring you have). 

In order to help you prepare yourself for the chilly inevitable of December to February, here are West Midlands Double Glazing’s 8 tips to ensure that your conservatory stays warm this winter. 

Draught Proofing

Draught Proofing

Draughts are just depressing aren’t they? Not only are they extremely annoying and considerably impact the enjoyment of your conservatory, it also makes temperature a more difficult feat. Keeping your conservatory warm is a constant battle, and maintaining the perfect temperature is very challenging.

Before looking at ways to warm up your conservatory, best to locate any problem areas first and ensure that all windows and doors have been installed with proper draught roofing. A short-term solution is to pug these gaps with sealant. 

However, for a long-term solution it’s a good idea to have your conservatory joints and seals checked by an expert if you’re experiencing cold temperatures in the space. You may have been the unfortunate recipient of low quality workmanship which will lead to less than desirable results, and has a devastating effect on heat retention in a conservatory. 

Electric Heaters

Sometimes the simplest solution is often the best. Depending on the size of your conservatory, you may just need a run of the mill heater that you can plug into the wall and inject some much needed heat into the conservatory. 

This is a very inexpensive solution and should definitely be one of your first ports of calls if you’re looking to create a warmer conservatory in the winter. 

Modern Double Glazing

Modern Double Glazing

If your conservatory is currently fitted with old glazing, then you are already at a warmth retaining disadvantage. Contemporary glazing is far more efficient when it comes to hear retention than that of yesteryear. Therefore, improving your conservatory windows will contribute hugely in creating a warmer living space. 

For your information, we at WMDG are a specialist double glazing company and offer a wide range of modern glazing solutions to suit all budgets. Although this may be a higher investment than some of the other options on our list, it is always worth enquiring about the cost of upgrading your windows, especially if you currently or want to spend a lot of time in your conservatory space! 

Get Rid Of Damp

Having damp present in any room will drive down temperatures in a room. The cause of damp is usually ventilation issues, so be sure to open the windows and doors in your conservatory regularly to avoid this from occurring. 

Dehumidifiers are also very useful for controlling the amount of moisture in a room. Using the devices can reduce the risk of spores turning into damp, and having the resulting negative effects in terms of temperature drops. Ceiling fans and trickle vents are also useful additions to aid air circulation. 

Blinds & Blankets

Blinds & Blankets

Blinds serve as an added layer of insulation to your windows and provide an extra buffer to prevent heat from escaping. When you have your central heating turned on, you want to maximise the amount of time that artificial heat keeps the space warm. When the sun goes down, blinds are a very effective way of achieving this! 

Additionally, placing blankets and throws upon your furniture will aid warmth retention as they effectively act as heat incubators. The typical tables and seating found in a conservatory tend to be made from glass, wood, wicker or rattan. Heat will just bounce off these surfaces, whereas if they were adorned with blankets and throws, it would be an entirely different story. 

Underfloor Heating, A Change Of Flooring Or A Rug

If it’s within your budget, underfloor heating is a fantastic way to stoke up the heat in a conservatory. However, it is quite an expensive option and when it comes to flooring, there are more cost effective alternatives. 

A lot of conservatories tend to possess tiled, vinyl or laminate flooring which doesn’t retain heat and will often be cold to the touch. Instead, opting for carpet flooring (coupled with a high quality underlay) will keep costs down and create a much warmer environment.

The only downside being that carpets can fade over time when under consistent direct sunlight. If this is a concern for you, perhaps a rug would be more suitable? A sizeable rug will make a considerable difference and if it fades over time, you could simply replace it without much fuss or hassle. 

Insulate Your Conservatory Roof

Insulate Your Conservatory Roof

Many who possess older conservatories will most likely have a polycarbonate roof. Unfortunately, this material is terrible when it comes to insulation and can be a major factor when it comes to heat loss of the space. 

There are many conservatory roof replacement solutions available (which we at WMDG also provide) and they are well worth the investment. Many even tend to opt for solid roof conservatories from the get go, as they are extremely aesthetically pleasing and very much in vogue right now. 

Electric Radiators

The great thing about electric radiators is that they convert all of the energy that goes through them into heat. There is absolutely no wastage, they won’t break the bank and they have a modern, sleek look to them. 

Another advantage of going electric here, is that you don’t have to connect your conservatory to your home’s central heating system. This will save a lot of money down the line  s other parts of your home won’t require as much of a temperature boost than a conservatory. Having the ability to purely manipulate the temperature in the conservatory space can come in very handy.

And there you have it. Our 8 tips on how to To Keep A Conservatory Warm During Winter! If you, reader of this blog, happen to live in midland area and are looking to make some improvements to your conservatory, we would be more than happy to assist! 

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