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Beautiful & Expansive Conservatory

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Beautiful & Expansive Conservatory

Our latest completed project is a Conservatory & Garage Conversion combo! Initially, this customer enquired about just having a conservatory installation. However, during our consultation & design phase, they mentioned their desire to convert their garage to create a bigger family kitchen.

The customer was pleasantly surprised to hear that we at WMDG are a holistic home improvement company who could do both! After seeing the way that we operated during the conservatory consultation phase, how our prices were far more cost-effective than other quotes they had received, and the attraction that everything could be done via one company…we were recruited to do both jobs!

A decision well made as the results speak for themselves! The conservatory is absolutely breathtaking. An expansive space has been created featuring a dining area, ceramic tiling, an internal lightning pelmet, and a huge amount of glazing in white uPVC frames.

The kitchen is a beautifully modern U-Shaped design with spotlights along the ceiling, tape lights lining the space underneath cabinets, sleek grey and black contemporary kitchen units and appliances, and enough space for an additional dining area.

So many choose West Midlands Double Glazing because everything is done by the book. Every single stage of a project is certified and no works are done without the correct paperwork being in place, even if this causes some delays!

Since completing the project, the customer has recommended us to their neighbour across the road, and we’ll be creating an orangery and front porch for them very soon. Recommendations are always one of the best signs of a project completed to the highest of standards.

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