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Small Conservatory Ideas 

Small Conservatory Ideas 

Ensure you make the most of every millimetre of space with our picks of the best small conservatory ideas for 2020! 

Small Conservatory Ideas For 2020

Contrary to popular belief, small conservatories can, ironically, have a massive impact on a home. That’s why we at WMDG have provided some of our top small conservatory ideas to ensure that you create the optimal renovation or extension. 

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Enough of the shameless plugs, read on to see some of our best tips and tricks when it comes to contemporary small conservatory ideas…

What’s the best shape for a small conservatory? 

What’s the best shape for a small conservatory? - Small Conservatory Ideas for 2020

Conservatories come in many shapes & sizes and small conservatories are no different. As much of an on-the-fence answer this may seem, the majority of conservatory shapes can be modified and reduced in size so the choice of style is in your hands. 

Whether you’re looking for a Lean-To, Gable End, Edwardian, Victorian, Georgian, P-Shaped or Glass conservatories, the home renovation world is your oyster!

The only limitations would be the available space at your property as certain design elements of the styles mentioned above may be impeded. However, industry innovations have yielded some truly brilliant modern solutions. Even in very small, narrow areas, elegant contemporary conservatories can now be constructed. 

Bright, Light Colours Are A Must 

Light Bright Colours - Small Conservatory Ideas for 2020

When it comes to the interior design, your choice of paint or wallpaper colour is one of the most crucial elements of a small conservatory. You’ll want to ensure that the primary colour of the conservatory is a bright one.

White, cream or light grey are very much in vogue for 2020. These neutral colours provide the perfect base for creativity with furniture and accessories. They also provide an illusionary effect of larger space which is much needed in smaller rooms. 

Another option is to utilise existing or new brickwork as a feature wall of the small conservatory. It adds a very appealing, rustic contrasting effect against the brighter walls it opposes. Brick walls also compliment large glass panels extremely well if a glass conservatory extension is what you have in mind. 

Small Conservatory Furniture Ideas 

A rule of thumb for smaller conservatories is to not overload the room with furniture and accessories! 

Rather than having large, bulky sofas and cupboards, opt for smaller items that can be easily moved around. This allows for ultimate flexibility as elements can be adjusted depending on the scenario making your conservatory a multi-purpose room. 

 Small & Lightweight Tables & Chairs

 Small & Lightweight Tables & Chairs - Small Conservatory Ideas for 2020

Instead of heavy-duty tables and chairs, how about two stylish chairs and a small coffee table? Far more space-efficient and they’ll look just as stylish. 

In terms of seating, having accent chairs in small conservatories is a great idea in our opinion! Accent chairs are those that have a role beyond function when it comes to interior design. They can complement the decor of the room, provide a focal point or be used as contrasting elements. 

They are usually bold in both colour and design making them a striking component of interiors. Due to the reduced space, there is less accessorising real-estate available so why not have chairs be a part of your design plans? 

If your small conservatory will serve as more of a living room, wicker or rattan sofas are the best option. They’re extremely lightweight meaning they can be easily moved around or even taken out into the garden on warmer days. The materials are also perfectly suited to the unique conservatory climate as well. 

Regarding table options, there are so many quaint coffee tables of varying designs available. You’ll be spoilt for choice when browsing online but it’s a certainty that you will find a table that perfectly suits your decor vision. 


Rugs - Small Conservatory Ideas for 2020

A lightweight rug is another great furnishing option, especially if the conservatory is part of an open plan. A rug will help segment the room from an aesthetic point of view which is a subtle yet noticeable design element. 

A rug also comes in handy in the colder months depending on what flooring option you have in mind for the room. Carpet, vinyl and laminate flooring is warm to the touch but hardwood, stone and tile flooring is on the colder side. 

Window Seating

Window Seating - Small Conservatory Ideas for 2020

TI Media

A great small conservatory hack is window seating. It’s a clever way of constructing extra seats for the room without compromising on space. They’ll come in very handy when hosting gatherings! 

Seating pads should be added for posterior comfort purposes and cushions will come in handy for lower back support against the wall/window frames.


Plants - Small Conservatory Ideas for 2020


Don’t forget about the foliage! Conservatories, no matter how big or small, should serve as the perfect transition between the interior and exterior of your home. One way to smooth this transition is to have an abundance of plant-life in your conservatory. 

When plants & flowers are well placed in a room, they can add beautiful visual elements and a more homely ambience to the space. 

Innovative Space-Saving Furniture

There have been some fantastic innovations in the furniture world in recent years. With many opting to renovate instead of moving house, unique space-saving items have become increasingly popular in extension and home improvement projects. 

For homeowners looking to utilise every millimetre of space for optimal living, some of these unique items could come in very handy when planning out your small conservatory interior.

Slimline Table & Chairs: 

Compact Table & Chairs - Small Conservatory Ideas For 2020

Compact Dining Table & Chairs: 

Compact Dining Table & Chairs - Small Conservatory Ideas For 2020

Compact Dining Table & Chairs - Small Conservatory Ideas For 2020

Convertible Sofa: Convertible Sofa - Small Conservatory Ideas For 2020

Convertible Sofa - Small Conservatory Ideas For 2020

Stacked Tables & Chairs: 

Stacked Tables & Chairs - Small Conservatory Ideas For 2020

Stacked Tables & Chairs - Small Conservatory Ideas For 2020

What Could A Small Conservatory Be Used For? 

Home Office 

Home Office - Small Conservatory Ideas For 2020

Is there a better respite from computer screens than gazing upon the outdoors and garden views? This writer hasn’t found a better one! Also, the natural light that fills the room simply creates a lovely environment to work in. The perfect room for optimal productivity levels. 

R&R Room

R&R Room - Home Office - Small Conservatory Ideas For 2020

Colin Poole

Rest and relaxation time is much needed in the fast paced modern world. So, why not create a little get-away-from-it-all room for yourself. Make sure you have the most comfortable chair or sofa where you can sink into a good book, snooze away on a Sunday afternoon or just be mindful and simply be. 

Dining or Socialising Room

Dining or Socialising Room - Small Conservatory Ideas For 2020

A small conservatory makes for a great dining room or socialising room. Just picture a weekend brunch on a summer’s day with the conservatory doors open. A lights breeze flowing through the room whilst basking under sunlight. Alternatively, furnish the room with a nice coffee table & a few space-efficient chairs and you’ll create the perfect space for catching up with friends and loved ones. The options at your disposal are plentiful! 


Playroom - Small Conservatory Ideas for 2020

A light, bright pace for your children to play with and store all of their many toys. A small conservatory can provide an activity room that your family can enjoy for years to come. A large rug or padded flooring would be recommend for safety purposes. Then, the endless fun can begin! 

Small TV, Cinema & Gaming Room

Small TV, Cinema & Gaming Room - Small Conservatory Ideas for 2020

A media room is another great use for a small conservatory. All you need is a nicely sized smart TV or a plain wall if you’re thinking about using a projector, a couple of ultra comfy gaming chairs and a coffee table or side tables to place drinks and snacks. Just make sure that you have blackout blinds fitted on your windows to avoid any glare on screens! 

Mini-Living room 

Mini Living Room - Small Conservatory Ideas for 2020

There’s no downside to having additional living space. Another living room will come in very handy if you don’t want to watch Love Island, the football or the latest episode of Paw patrol. There are a range of different interests in a family and everyone should be able to watch their favourite show in supreme comfort. 

Home Gym 

Home Gym - Small Conservatory Ideas for 2020


You’d be surprised how little space you actually need for a fantastic home gym set up. In terms of equipment, all you require is an adjustable bench, a cast-iron dumbbell & barbell set and a squat stand (not rack). You’ll be able to effectively target all muscle groups and make dem gainz as the kids say. You’ll also save so much time due to the convenience of a home gym set up. Who needs a gym membership when you can train at home!?

Those are our top small conservatory ideas! We hope they’ll help you with your small conservatory aspirations. If you have any questions or queries, feel free to contact the West Midlands Double Glazing team and we’ll be happy to assist in any way we can!