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Window Glass Options

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Window Glass Options


Add the finishing touches to your windows with our extensive range of glass options. With so many glass designs available you are sure to find something that suits your requirements perfectly.

To meet standard safety requirements we install toughened safety glass in all our full-height window panels and all windows within 80cm of the floor we also offer the option of installing this throughout your home. Toughened glass not only adds safety – it is designed to break into small relatively harmless cubes if shattered – but also brings with it added security.

A variety of decorative options are on offer to enhance your windows including frosted to add a contemporary feel or stained glass and bevelled glass for a traditional look. We can work with you to create a window to give your home a little added perspective.

To keep your home as warm and cosy our standard sealed units include Argon Gas to preserve more heat in. We also offer high performance low-emission glass in our double glazed units. This energy efficient glass keeps more heat indoors ensuring your heating bills are kept as low as possible.

With a West Midlands Double Glazing window you can be assured of peace and quiet.

If reducing your energy bill is your top priority then West Midlands Double Glazing’s Triple Glazing option improve your energy efficiency by up to 35% more than double glazing options.

West Midlands Double Glazing security glass offers the heat-retaining elements of our standard glass together with specially reinforced elements which make it especially burglar proof. An outer pane consists of two pieces of glass bonded together by an interlayer of plastic film to add maximum strength and resistance.

If in the event of an attempted break-in, any shattered glass will stick to the plastic the window remains impenetrable as the plastic layer remains intact.

West Midlands Double Glazing silent glass offers the heat-retaining elements of our standard glass together with double thickness glass to reduce sound from outdoors by up to 39 decibels – a perfect solution if you seek more peace and quiet.

West Midlands Double Glazing obscure glass will keep out nosy parkers. Available in a variety of attractive patterns, you can protect your privacy and still make your home look stylish and attractive.

Although there is nothing better than enjoying sunshine streaming through your windows, too much sun can become a nuisance, making it difficult to view TV screens and computers and causing furniture and carpets to fade. Our anti-sun glass is specially treated to reduce the glare so you can soak up the sun in comfort.

Low-maintenance self-cleaning windows from West Midlands Double Glazing are perfect for reducing the drudgery of housework. They come with a special outer coating that reacts with sunlight to break down the dirt. Rainwater then spreads out across the pane, washing dirt away without leaving streaks or water droplet marks.

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