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How To Clean A Conservatory Roof

How To Clean A Conservatory Roof

Here’s Our Top Tips & Tricks When It Comes To Cleaning A Conservatory Roof!

How To Clean A Conservatory Roof

Cleaning a conservatory roof can be a bit of a daunting task if you’ve never done it before. However, with our wisdom gained from years of experience, we’ll have your roof looking spick and span in no time at all! 

Conservatory roofs, when left unattended and uncleaned, can become stained by a build up of moss and algae which is certainly not a sight to behold.

There’s also the build up of a dirt on the roof’s glazing panels, inside gutters and around seals. All of which can mask or create problems that would have been noticed and prevented if the conservatory roof was clean!  

Lack of regular cleaning can also lead to more serious issues such as leaks, damp and mould, which can completely ruin the living space and decrease the value of your home.

Therefore, keeping your conservatory clean is a very important part to ensuring that this part of your abode remains a pleasant one to spend time in. It’s not just about interior design and temperature control. 

How to clean a conservatory roof safely? 

How to clean a conservatory roof safely?

The first thing to note is that conservatory roofs are not designed to be load bearing. So, for safety reasons, do not attempt to stand on, walk or crawl along them! 

The way to clean a conservatory roof safely is to use a combination of a ladder and a telescopic brush. For those not in the know, a telescopic brush is strong, lightweight and extendable cleaning brush…the perfect tool for the task at hand. 

When it comes to ladders, a conservatory ladder would be your best bet. These ladders are purpose built with anti-slip rungs, suction cups to be placed on conservatory glazing to prevent slippage and handy tool tray. However, if your conservatory isn’t particularly tall, a sturdy step ladder may just do the trick. 

We recommend also using some hot soapy water which will really aid the cleaning process. After you’ve finished cleaning your conservatory roof, make sure that your rinse down both the roof and your telescopic brush with a garden hose. 

It’s also worth noting that if you don’t feel comfortable cleaning the conservatory roof yourself, there’s always the option of hiring a window cleaner to do the job for you. They have all the tools and know-how to clean to clean your conservatory roof, and they can be fairly inexpensive. 

Conservatory Roofs Are Not The Same

Conservatory Roofs Are Not The Same

Not all conservatories roofs are identical, so their cleaning requirements will differ. For example, self-cleaning glass is common in many conservatory designs. These glazed panels are coated in a special hydrophilic and photocatalytic coating which breaks down organic dirt that lands on window surfaces. 

These types of windows should only be washed using hot soapy water, instead of harsh chemicals which could damage the coating, and even cause permeant streaks in your conservatory’s glazing. 

A general industry rule is that a conservatory roof with a pitch of fewer than 15 degrees shouldn’t be installed with self cleaning glass, as it would be largely ineffective. Best to check with your installers just in case though! 

How To Clean A Glass Conservatory Roof?

How To Clean A Glass Conservatory Roof?

For those with a completely glazed conservatory roof, you’ll need to arm yourself with the aforementioned tools. A ladder, telescopic brush and a bucket of warm soapy water. Just to clarify when we say warm soapy water, we mean adding a touch of washing up liquid to warm water. 

Using your ladder and cleaning pole, you should be able to access all areas and crevices of your conservatory roof. Once you’re satisfied with your efforts, simply rinse down your conservatory roof using water from your garden hose. 

A top tip is to avoid cleaning your conservatory roof on warm and sunny days. Sometimes, the glass panels can dry too quickly under hotter temperatures, resulting in smudges or smears. We recommend a mild overcast day as the optimal cleaning climate. 

How To Clean A Polycarbonate Conservatory Roof? 

Polycarbonate conservatory roofs are much easier to clean! Due to the material, you can use a wide range of cleaning products which can make the process much smoother and more efficient. 

Unlike glazing, polycarbonate won’t be harmed by the chemicals found in off-the-shelf conservatory cleaning products. uPVC cream cleaner is one of your options, and is great for removing stubborn stains on glazing caps. 

For the roof itself, there is an array of cleaning products available. However, for those who like to make use of items that are usually available around the house, you can actually use vinegar which makes for fantastic cleaner of polycarbonate surfaces. 

How To Clean Algae Or Moss On A Conservatory Roof?

Algae or moss can be a nightmare to deal with and remove! The trick is to thoroughly wet it first and then patiently & gently brush it off your conservatory roof. 

There are cleaning products available made specifically to deal with the algae and moss. However, they should only be used on polycarbonate roofs and never on any glazing panels. 

They are also quite expensive usually, but we have another homemade solution that will save you some cash. A mixture of warm water and some detergent is exactly what you need to rid your conservatory roof of these green menaces!

What you’ll tend to find after initially cleaning with the detergent mix is that some stubborn green bits still remain. For this, we recommend getting a damp cloth, dipping it in vinegar and rubbing any green spots that remain away. 

Once your roof is green no more, gently rinse any residue away with your garden hose. Furthermore, if any algae or moss happens to fall into your gutters, be sure to clean it out straight away to prevent any future blockages that may occur. 

How To Clean A Self Cleaning Conservatory Roof? 

How To Clean A Self Cleaning Conservatory Roof?

Self cleaning glass is great! It’s activated using UV rays present in daylight and breaks down any organic dirt that lands on the surface of the glazing. Through doing this, it prevents dirt from sticking to the glass, allowing it to be washed away in rainfall. 

Despite the very low maintenance this type of glass provides as it will keep your roof clean most of the time, it’s not a 100% effective solution. Your roof will occasionally need to be given the bucket a sponge treatment when stubborn stains occur, or when there is a long absence of rain. 

How To Clean The Inside Of A Conservatory Roof? 

How To Clean The Inside Of A Conservatory Roof?

The interior side of your conservatory roof won’t require the bucket and sponge treatment, but instead a little more cleaning finesse. 

A damp cloth, ladder and maybe an extendable brush will be necessary to ensure all spots are cleaned. Unfortunately, this may also involve a painstaking amount of ladder repositioning.

To get you through this arduous task, just think about how satisfying the end result of gleaming glazing will undoubtedly be! 

How To Clean Conservatory Windows & uPVC Frames?

How To Clean Conservatory Windows & uPVC Frames?

Whilst on the topic of roofs, you may also find info on cleaning the rest of your conservatory useful. It’s always recommended that you dust your conservatory windows and uPVC frames first, which is best done by rinsing them down with water from your garden hose. 

Once dust free, you can start scrubbing and polishing from the top down. You can use cleaning products, but the majority of homeowners stick the hot soapy water staple. 

uPVC frames are best cleaned little but often. If you don’t clean them for months on ed, the job can become increasingly more difficult.

How To Clean Your Conservatory Gutters? 

Gutters should be religiously cleaned out twice a year. A task like this is nobody’s favourite, but it must be done nonetheless! Any leaves, moss, weed or any other organic matter that has built up over the months can be removed by hand. 

If you have a blockage in your downpipes, get your hands on a waste pipe cleaner or a “plumber’s snake” to help dislodge any obstructions, Just make sure that these obstructions don’t make there way into your drain! You can also get a plumber out if the blockages prove to be too tough to tackle.

How To Clean Your Locking Points And Hinges

When it comes to conservatory cleaning, we leave no stone unturned. We recommend spraying any locks and hinges with WD40 twice a year. You can also use silicon-based products for the job. This will keep them in good condition and maintain your warranty. 

And Those Are Our Recommendations On How To Clean A Conservatory Roof…

We hope you found our tips useful and that you go on to safely and satisfyingly clean your conservatory roof to the fullest! 

If you’re struggling to find the motivation to clean your conservatory roof, just think…when you’ve invested your time and money into your conservatory…you may as well enjoy and maintain it in its most optimal form possible. 

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